Post-graduate in Supply Chain Management Logistics and Transport

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The supply chain encompasses key areas in the company such as planning and logistics, as well as the coordination flows between the different areas of operations. It is responsible for getting products from suppliers to customer service. Understanding the differential value that it can bring to the business through processes such as the efficient management of stock, transport, warehouses or customer service is the key to systematically improving business results.

The Postgraduate in Supply Chain Management provides knowledge about the value for the company of the supply chain through the main management axes of the logistics, planning and other related areas, and delves into the specific improvement tools. The student will receive models and techniques applied today in leading companies.

Posgrado en Supply Chain Management

Postgraduate degree in Supply Chain Management from the Polytechnic University of Catalonia (UPC)

Postgraduate in Supply Chain Management from Euncet Business School



Postgraduate in Supply Chain Management from the Polytechnic University of Catalonia

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The Postgraduate in Supply Chain Management is aimed at:

  • Professionals who develop tasks in the operations environment and who need to deepen their knowledge.
  • Professionals who want to acquire knowledge focused on the real world of business.
  • Middle managers who want to acquire the necessary knowledge to access management positions within operations.
  • Directors of one of the areas of operations who want to acquire the director's global vision.



MBA 54%
Engineering 23%
International trade 15%
Others 8%

Company position

Operations 64%
Purchases 22%
Management 7%
Technology 7%

Median age

35,8 years

Student satisfaction

9,26 / 10



The Postgraduate Course in Supply Chain Management from the Euncet Business School prepares you with the managerial skills and abilities necessary to be able to lead the operations and logistics area of a company, offering a transversal vision of all the areas and processes that make up the supply chain management: the direction and management of the supply chain, planning, production, supply, design and warehouse management. It also trains you to learn how to generate value in the company through the management of stocks, operations and international markets, e-Commerce and digital transformation, among others.

The Postgraduate course is designed with the clear objective of providing exponential professional growth to the participants, equipping them with the ability to provide differential and strategic value, as well as training them as transversal leaders in the supply chain environment.

Currently, we live in a worldwide, globalized and disruptive scenario with great changes in which the areas and processes of operations are absolutely transcendental and companies or organizations are the main affected. That is why the professionals who lead these areas and assume control have a leading leadership role within organizations.

Within the operations area there is a great variety of totally different figures but they share a common element, which is why the professional who completes this program will be able to train as a manager in the operations area while also specializing as a technician in any other area: stock management, e-Commerce, international markets...

Boost your professional career and become the leader that companies demand. Thanks to Euncet Business School's modular system, you can obtain a Master's Degree in Supply Chain Management and Operations Management, or an MBA specialized in Supply Chain Management that will allow you to take risks and make appropriate decisions in team management.

Why study the Postgraduate in Supply Chain Management?

  • Strategic vision
    Provide a strategic vision of the company's supply chain.
  • Management
    Teach how to create a management model: end-to-end planning of the chain, economic control of all processes and efficiency improvement tools.

  • Models
    Different models applied to last mile delivery (LMD) with active professionals and start-ups. International transport models and customs management.

  • Visit to a logistics centre
    Contrast how theory and the different models studied are put into practice with real examples and explanations from active professionals.

  • Prestigious professors
    Professors with a recognized academic and professional career, involved in the executive or managerial development of areas of operations in prestigious national and multinational companies.

  • Euncet Expertise
    40 years training professionals and managers in management, innovation and new technologies.


The Postgraduate in Supply Chain Management is a modular training program that prepares its participants to develop managerial functions and make appropriate and efficient decisions in logistics, providing knowledge and useful and innovative tools on operations and the supply chain.

This training program, from the Euncet Business School, is made up of strategically selected content taught by leading professionals in their field and in a masterclass format. This is intended to promote a dynamic and practical environment that enhances participation and professional growth, constituting a training offer of great value and applicability.

With the program, you will learn to define a global logistics strategy, you will learn about and define business models based on e-Commerce, you will apply new disruptive and digital transformation model, and you will obtain a holistic vision of operations for the implementation of logistics solutions. 

Acquire knowledge in manufacturing, layout and smart warehouses, and develop the necessary skills to lead and make strategic and innovative decisions, generating value for the company through stock management and agile and lean methodologies.

Discover the Postgraduate in Supply Chain Management and how to increase the competitiveness of your company with one of the most complete postgraduate courses in its field. 

Study plan

Supply Chain Management

  • Providing students with an integral perspective of the main aspects involved in the
    management of the supply chain, both from a strategic and an operational angle.
  • Linking management of the supply chain to business strategy. 
  • Making known and teaching supply chain management techniques and tools. 
  • Show students the advantages of a comprehensive supply chain management system.
  • Understand the structure of the area budget.
  • Making available to students situations, problems and solutions on decision making of supply chain management. 
  • Provide practical tools to manage and lead teams and people in the supply chain.


  • Managing the supply chain.
  • Diagnosis of the supply chain operational framework.
  • Supply chain transformation and improvement.

Teaching guide

Planning of Logistics, Production and Supply Flows

  • Understanding interrelations among all the stages of the chain that should be planned from a total coordination in order to achieve the maximum synergies among the different parts of the chain. 
  • Setting the planning keys of demand and its calculation methodologies. 
  • Analysing the necessary load and the available capacity for a correct planning of resources.
  • Defining medium- and short-term management in a production plan and its sequencing.
  • Define the management in the medium and short term in a production and supply plan.
  • Getting to know more up-to-date methodologies to manage production and stock planning.


  • Planning supply chain demand.
  • Production planning and sequencing

Teaching guide

Logistics and Warehouse Management

  • Acquire a transversal vision of the key processes for good logistics management.
  • Know the tools for the control and continuous improvement of logistics execution in terms of efficiency and costs.
  • Develop logistics agreements with customers and/or suppliers that contribute to the needs of the business model.
  • Create a scoreboard for the area.
  • Internalize a vision and transversal involvement in the comprehensive management of the warehouse.
  • Create value for the company from the efficient and strategic management of stock.
  • Understand and participate in the LAYOUT design.
  • Learn about future trends and smart warehouse models.
  • Understand the regulatory and quality framework in logistics (stock) and transport.
  • Manage occupational safety from the function of logistics and warehouse management.


  • Logistics Management.
  • Warehouse management and stock management.

Teaching guide

International Operations, Transport Management and Digital Transformation

  • Internalize an international and global vision according to the current business scenario.
  • Acquire a transversal vision of the key processes for a good design of any international operation.
  • Create value for the company from the management of international transport and customs management.
  • Identify consumer behaviour 2.0, as well as the challenge of last-mile logistics and the 5 golden rules of e-commerce logistics (Accuracy, Agile, Scheduled, Tracking, Inexpensive).
  • Know the tools for the control and continuous improvement of e-commerce logistics execution.
  • Understand and participate in the company's digital transformation.
  • Visualize the context and new digital paradigm.
  • Learn about future trends and disruptive models.
  • Understand the last mile and the challenge it poses for e-commerce.


  • International operations, incoterms 2020, international transport management and customs.
  • E-commerce logistics.

Teaching guide

Calendars and schedules


2022-23 Academic year / Terrassa Campus

Academic Calendar - Second Quarter (March)


2022-23 Academic year / Terrassa Campus

Academic Calendar - Second Quarter (March)



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  • Executive Education Manager
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Executive modular education

We have implemented the modular training model in order to offer you the option of studying postgraduate and master's degrees tailored to your needs, thus developing the specific job skills of your interest progressively according to the objectives set and the results obtained in your educational process.

How to obtain an EXECUTIVE master's degree?

Once you have completed your Postgraduate in Supply Chain Management, you will be able to continue your professional training and complete one of the following master's degrees:

Executive MBA - Master in Business Administration

Executive Master in Management & Leadership 

Postgraduate in Supply Chain Management

Executive Master in Supply Chain Management and Operations Management

Postgraduate in Supply Chain Management