Coaching and leadership seminar: "lead your success".

Seminar: How can you lead your success?

The coaching and leadership seminar “Lead Your Success” helps students discover that anyone can achieve and manage personal and professional success. To this end, one needs to have a ready and positive attitude in order to develop those factors that will help obtain such natural leadership. Charisma is an essential quality to achieve this aim, and during the seminar you will learn how to obtain it.

Dr. Joaquim Valls is a neuropsychologist and lecturer at Euncet Business School, and he is in charge of running this seminar. Dr Valls is the president of the Instituto de Programación Neuro-Caligráfica and is the creator of the Kimmel method to help teach reading and writing to 4- and 5-year-olds with dyslexia and/or ADHD.


The seminar lasts for 1 hour.


The seminar can be held at your educational centre, or at our facilities located in Terrassa, or on online format through Zoom.


This seminar is aimed at secondary education students and higher vocational training students.​​​​


The course involves no cost for the participants.


  • Understand what personal and professional success is.
  • Get to know the factors to develop in order to achieve natural leadership.
  • To learn a strategy to enable us lead success.


  • Is one born a leader?
  • Being a successful person – what does this entail?
  • Which are the factors of success?
  • What is ‘charisma’ and how to achieve it?
  • How to become a natural leader?



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Neuro-Calligraphic coach and president of the Instituto de Programación Neuro-Caligráfica. Creator of the KIMMEL method to help teach reading and writing to 4- and 5-year-olds with dyslexia and/or ADHD.

Dr Valls has a degree in Economics and a Master’s degree in the Information and Knowledge Society. He is a university lecturer in Mathematics.