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At Euncet Business School we know that university life is much more than studying; that’s why we want to offer you, the student, activities and services that can help you develop your professional career. Live the Euncet experience at all levels!

Find out about our plans to boost your career, the international mobility programme and much more!


Carreras Profesionales


Landing in the world of work is not always easy. At Euncet Business School we offer our students a career service. With this, our students will be able to get advice, create their first curriculum and access the job pool they have at their disposal so that they can have every opportunity in the world of work. Being part of the job pool will help them improve their employability because of the number of job offers and internships they will receive. In addition, thanks to the guidance and advice of our Professional Careers team, as well as the collaborating companies that are part of this project, your talents will be boosted

Movilidad internacional


Enhance your university experience with the international mobility programme at Euncet Business School and enjoy the Erasmus experience in the country of your choice. Find out about all the possibilities that our programme offers so you can continue your education abroad without any worries. At Euncet we will advise you on how to participate in any international mobility programme that is of interest to you and we will manage and process the application so that the only thing you have to do is dedicate yourself to living the experience that will change your vision of the world and improve your personal and professional development. Take the opportunity to get to know other cultures, improve your language skills and let nothing stop you!



At Euncet Business School students can also enjoy other services to enrich their university experience. During their time here, our students can participate in the various activities promoted by the university, as well as use the different facilities that will have at their disposal, both for learning and sport. In addition, once they finish their training, all our students will become part of the Euncet Alumni programme - an initiative that aims to create a large network of contacts and synergies that will grow the Euncet brand and boost their professional careers to the pinnacle. The main objective of the Euncet Alumni programme is to continue to add value to the Euncet community once its formative experience is finished.

Vida Universitaria


Apart from study, university life involves much more. At Euncet Business School we want our students to feel part of the university and help us grow throughout their experience. Therefore, we make available to our students activities through which they can create links with other students. These activities range from participation in competitions to the Sports Service or the possibility of taking part in the various activities and programmes in which the Student Association is involved. With these ideas we seek to revitalise university life and foster the feeling of belonging to the Euncet university community.



Our two Euncet campuses have recently been renovated. They are equipped with state-of-the-art systems to offer students the very best services. Among the facilities on our campuses are the sports facilities located at the Euncet Barcelona North Campus, one of the largest in Barcelona. Extending over more than 350,000 m2, these facilities are equipped with swimming pools, areas for different sports such as athletics, paddle or basketball and another space packed with sports equipment for fitness and other activities for physical wellbeing. Students also have at their disposal more than 1,900 m2 of teaching space, as well as the Aula Magna, the space dedicated to hosting major events.



Throughout the academic year at Euncet Business School we promote different types of events to encourage the participation of our community and future students. These include thematic seminars given by Euncet teachers in high schools, as well as events focused on the Euncet community, such as graduation events and the Euncet Company Day. Euncet Business School provides talks and webinars that address current issues with the various directors of our courses online. We also hold Open Days, which offer advice, information and reports on our undergraduate and Master’s degrees, as well as the Executive Education programme.



Euncet Business School is much more than a college. Our maxim is that students should live their learning experience to the fullest at all levels. The Euncet Alumni Community was born with the aim of strengthening the links that are created during teaching, both among the students of any given year and with the university itself. Those in the Euncet Alumni community will be able to attend meetings with leading speakers in their fields, resume contact with former classmates, and be kept aware of everything that happens at Euncet Business School and in the business world, thanks to the Euncet Alumni magazine. Another benefit of being a member of the Euncet Alumni community is the special, exclusive discounts to allow you to continue your education at Euncet Business School.



At Euncet Business School we want to ensure that our courses meet the needs of our students. Therefore, we have an admissions process in which, throughout the 8 phases which make it up, the profiles of candidates are assessed and they are provided with information on university careers and other teaching courses to see which are best suited to their needs. In addition, throughout the process, our Admissions team is available to future students to give them individualised advice and support.

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