Executive Master's Degree In Business Management And Marketing

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    Fri 4 p.m. to 9 p.m @ Sat 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.

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  • Campus Terrassa
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    12 months


The Executive Master's Degree in Commercial and Marketing Management provides a global, strategic and practical vision of business, allowing you to develop the skills, abilities, knowledge and attitudes that respond to the new professional and managerial challenges in the marketing and commercial areas, both in traditional channels and digital, for the design and implementation of strategies that lead to the fulfilment of business objectives and offer value to customers.



The Executive Master's Degree in Commercial Management and Marketing will allow you to develop a marketing and commercial management strategy that is aligned with the company's objectives. Thanks to this master's degree you will be able to detect new opportunities based on the correct analysis of the environment and market research and apply the latest trends that arise in a changing environment such as the current one. You will learn to develop a feasible, realistic and viable marketing plan, you will also be able to design a sales process based on each of the buyer persona profiles that are defined in your business model. You will develop managerial skills and abilities for business management and leadership of High Performance teams, becoming a successful Marketing or Sales Director.

This program provides you with a holistic view of the marketing and sales of your company, two essential departments for the growth and progression of the organization that have a common objective and strategy: to guarantee business success.

Executive Master en Dirección de Marketing y Comercial

Master's Degree In Commercial Management And Marketing From the Polytechnic University Of Catalonia

Master's Degree In Commercial Management and Marketing from Euncet Business School.



Master's Degree In Commercial Management And Marketing From the Polytechnic University Of Catalonia

Starting Date:

March 17, 2023






60 (250 hours)

Credit unit fee:

180 €


10.800 €


Master in Commercial Management & Marketing by Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya

Starting Date:

October, 2022 




  • Those responsible for the Marketing, Sales and/or Communication area who wish to broaden or update their knowledge and improve their skills in this discipline.
  • Professionals who occupy intermediate positions in the Marketing and Sales area (Brand Managers, Product Managers, etc.) who wish to improve professionally through the acquisition of specific knowledge and skills.
  • Department managers and professionals who hold intermediate positions in other areas of the company (Project Managers, R+D+i...) who want to improve professionally through the acquisition of marketing knowledge and specific skills.



Engineering 17%
Business Administration 24%
Economy 3%
Law 3%
Journalism 16%
Tourism 12%
Advertising 5%
Marketing 2%
Others 10%

Company position

Management 18%
Administration 26%
Commercial 27%
Marketing 25%
Projects 2%
Engineering 2%

Median age


Students satisfaction

9,09 / 10



The Executive Master's Degree in Commercial Management and Marketing at the Euncet Business School prepares professionals with the necessary skills and tools to manage and direct a marketing and sales department. With the master's degree you will develop the managerial skills necessary to become a consolidated marketing and commercial director. Learn about the latest trends in digital marketing and define the marketing strategies that will lead you to business success. Learn and grow with professionals linked to leading companies in the sector that will boost your job success.

Train as an expert in two of the company's most important areas, boost your professional career and prepare to make the right decisions, take risks and manage your team effectively. Go one step further with the Master's Degree in Sales Management and Marketing and become the professional you seek to be.


Why study an Executive Master's Degree at Euncet?

  • Creativity
    Encourage a creative vision regarding decision making, efficiently adapting to market changes.
  • Innovation
    Facilitate an innovative mindset aligned with the company's strategy and digital transformation.

  • Marketing
    Know in depth and correctly use techniques and tools necessary to manage the marketing area of an organization.

  • Planning
    Acquire knowledge, skills and abilities necessary for the design, application and analysis of a marketing plan.

  • Prestigious Instructors
    Teachers with recognized academic and professional careers, linked to the business world. 

  • Euncet Expertise
    40 years training professionals and managers in management, innovation and new technologies.


The Executive Master's Program In Commercial Management And Personal and Business Development from Euncet Business School is made up of different modular programs that allow you to obtain a master's degree from the totality of different postgraduate courses. Add one of these postgraduate courses to the Postgraduate Degree in Marketing Management: Postgraduate in Sales Management or the Postgraduate in Digital Marketing to have the master's degree you need.

Thanks to the modular training offered by the Euncet Business School, you will be able to take the postgraduate courses in a flexible way, adapting them to your needs and to the moment in which you find yourself professionally. Complete your studies and expand your networking with other professionals in the sector.

At Euncet, we offer you practical and advanced content, connected to current affairs. We provide you with critical and different thinking, as well as a global and international vision.

With this master's degree you will obtain the degree you need to complete your professional career in sales & marketing. You will learn to lead marketing and commercial teams thanks to the new management skills you will acquire. You will provide a global and differential vision in marketing and commercial management, becoming an added value for your company since you will obtain the knowledge and tools of two of the most aligned and joint departments in the organization. 


Study Plan In Master's Degree in Commercial Management and Marketing

Postgraduate in Marketing Management

The Postgraduate Degree in Marketing Management facilitates a creative vision and an innovative mentality aligned with the company's strategy. In addition, it provides an update of marketing management, appropriate to the new competitive environment and teaches the knowledge, skills and abilities for the design, application and analysis of a marketing plan.


  • Marketing plan
  • Consumer Insights and market research.
  • Strategic marketing management
  • Marketing mix.
  • Online and offline communication

Specialization - Postgraduate Program In Sales and Commercial Management

The Postgraduate in Commercial and Sales Management is designed to respond to the new challenges of professionals and managers in the sales area offered by an extraordinarily competitive and changing environment such as the current one. It provides the necessary knowledge and skills to become a competent professional both in sales and in the direction of commercial teams.


  • Complex sale.
  • Customer Interaction.
  • The sales process.
  • Connecting with the market.
  • Commercial team management.
  • Management of sales resources.

Final Project Executive Education -Commercial Management and Marketing

The Executive Education Final Project is the opportunity to integrate the knowledge acquired during the different subjects and the skills developed in the postgraduate courses. In this sense, the new Final Project will not imply the realization of a new additional job but will be evaluated from the sum of the different Final Projects of each one of the postgraduate courses. In this way, students develop their projects throughout all postgraduate courses and thus implement the knowledge acquired..

At the proposal of the respective directorates of the program and in accordance with the provisions of the study plan of each program, it is up to the EME Postgraduate Final Project Committee to approve the typologies and specific thematic lines of the projects.

Once all the final postgraduate projects have been passed, the students will be able to process the issuance of the title corresponding to the Master's degree in which they are enrolled.

Executive Education Final  Master's Thesis

Calendars and schedules

Postgraduate in Marketing Management

2022-23 Academic year / Terrassa Campus

Academic Calendar - Second Quarter (March)

Postgraduate in Sales and Commercial Management

2022-23 Academic year / Terrassa Campus

Academic Calendar - Second Quarter (March)



  • Dra. Jessica Lingan Azañedo
  • Executive Education Director
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  • Ricardo Aguirreche
  • Director of Postgraduate Program In Sales and Commercial Management
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  • Jordi Sacristán
  • Director of Postgraduate in Marketing Direction
  • Email
  • Milena Perozo
  • Executive Education Coordinator
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  • Olga Villa
  • Executive Education Manager
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  • Dr. Víctor Curto
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  • Dra. Mónica Utrera Jordán
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  • Patricia Ara
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  • Dana Camps
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  • Judith Català Pratdesava
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  • Oriol Cervelló Peña
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  • Paloma Cordón
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  • Carlos Diana García
  • Email
  • Estela Franco
  • Email
  • Jaime Franco
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  • Xavier Lamote de Grignon
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  • Elena Madrid López
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  • Ramon Montanera
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  • Rafael Richart Ferri
  • Email
  • Vanessa Sarrà
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  • Ernesto Sánchez
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  • Miguel Ángel Trabado
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Methodology details

We know that learning is much more effective when the student stops being a passive subject and becomes an active and interactive subject in the knowledge transfer process. Due to this, the teaching methodologies of our programs are based on real case studies, in which we can learn while we analyse in depth the exposed cases and draw conclusions; in business simulators, masterclasses and workshops, which will allow you to acquire current and practical knowledge, and expand your networking; and finally, in role-playing games.

Our postgraduate and master's degree programs are based on a competency assessment model, in which the progress of the students in achieving the objectives set out in the study program is assessed. 

Our system is based on the reflection and analysis of practical and real cases and the training ends with a business project that reflects everything learned by the student during their training at Euncet Business School.