Seminar "Introduction to sporting events".

Seminar on sporting events

The seminar “Sports Marketing” seeks to introduce  secondary education students and higher vocational training students to the world of the sports industry and sporting events marketing.

During the session, students will discover how companies manage to increase sales through the event as a sports marketing strategy and they will understand the importance of knowing how to adapt sports industry products and services to global and changing environments.

They will also undergo some group dynamics where they will experience some of these concepts, which will help them widen their vision of the sports world and the repercussion it may have, at the socioeconomic level, for the whole of any society. To this end, they will become familiar with real cases, such as the 1992 Barcelona Olympic Games, and will discover the figure of the Project Manager and what role they play in the management of sports events.


The seminar lasts for 1 hour.


The seminar can be held at your educational centre, or at our facilities located in Terrassa, or on online format through Zoom.


This seminar is aimed at secondary education students and higher vocational training students. It has been designed for those considering studying sporting events management and studies related to sports marketing.


The course involves no cost for the participants.


  • Bring students closer to the management of projects, laying special emphasis on those linked to the world of sports.
  • Understand the importance of sporting events at the socioeconomic level for the whole of society.
  • Prove through examples that it is possible to work having a link with the world of sports from many different fields and spheres.


  • Introduce the concept and the figure of the Project Manager by means of examples and real case stories.
  • The importance of being able to adapt to a global and changing environment. Working on a sports event in Barcelona or in Tokyo or in Melbourne is not the same thing.
  • What were the implications of the Barcelona Olympic Games at the social, cultural and economic level? Does this still affect us nowadays?
  • Interesting facts, queries and group dynamics on the most important sporting events today.



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Santi Ferraz has a degree in Political Sciences and the Administration (UAB) and in Market Research and Techniques (UAB). He has been linked to the world of sports for more than 15 years, and has a wide experience, first as a sportsman and later as Product & Project Manager. He works as Special Events Worldwide promoter, where for five seasons has worked on the MotoGP world championship, travelling to al GP events. He is currently focused on other events, such as the tennis Davis Cup and the UEFA for football.