University life at Euncet

See Euncet from the inside

Studying at Euncet Business School is about much more than going to lessons to acquire knowledge. Being a part of the Euncet university community means being part of more than just a university. It involves sharing values such as commitment, problem-solving and common effort.

At Euncet Business School we have been promoting innovation and the transfer of knowledge for 40 years with education that is up-to-date, of high quality and accessible to everyone.

We are committed to the development of our students and all their untapped talent. Therefore, we want your university experience to be unique and memorable. To do this, throughout the academic year we organise different activities to promote that feeling of belonging to the Euncet community and as a channel through which to create links with your peers.

University life is a unique and unrepeatable experience that will be decisive for your future, and can even change the way you see and experience the world.


In addition to working for the transfer of knowledge and boosting the employability of our community, in Euncet we also rely on sport and the benefits that the practice of sport can bring.

To that end, as a student of Euncet you have at your disposal: access to sports facilities and other sports centres such as Eurofitness, which  is aimed at CTEF students; special discounts and free training sessions at Club Egara; tuition and free rental of kit at Marconi Terrassa Squash Club and other benefits from the Union of Sporting Federations of Catalunya (UFEC), a partner of Euncet Business School since 2017.

Discover how you can participate in university leagues for men’s and women’s basketball, women’s and mixed volleyball, men’s and women’s indoor football and men’s 7-a-side football, as well as in E.C.U. (Esport Català Universitari) competitions.

In addition, throughout the academic year we organise various sporting competitions at Euncet Business School, such as the Euncet Football Tournament, the 3x3 Basketball and the 24-hour Athletics Day. So, live your Euncet experience to the full!


The Euncet Student Association aims to help students promote and boost their ideas and initiatives, whether they be entrepreneurial projects and/or activities.

Apart from helping to enrich student knowledge, at Euncet Business School we are committed to enhancing the talent and creativity of our students. Therefore, we have an agreement with the Barcelona Marketing Club by which students can be part of the Club and participate in its events with special discounts.

Our students can also participate in the Terrassa Campus UPC Schools Cultural Week during the month of May, as well as present entrepreneurial projects for KauTic40, a programme for incubating innovative projects.

Another project you can take part in is the ePowered RACING team. Students can join the team to support their communication.


During the academic year, students can participate in the various activities and competitions that we organise at Euncet Business School. The Academic League and the Competition to design the Euncet Folder for next year stand out, in that respect.

The Academic League is a voluntary and accessible activity day for all degree students of Euncet Business School, and activities vary each year. Proposals can range from a workshop focused on a particular subject, in which students can experiment and learn in a more light-hearted way, to constructing role-playing games, such as an escape room.

The main objective of this day is for students to participate in activities that encourage collaboration between peers and the feeling of belonging to a community, beyond your basic studies themselves.

The contest "Design the Euncet Folder" contest is another of the activities that we offer at the university, and it always attracts wide participation. Any student from the Euncet community can get involved by submitting a portfolio design proposal that represents the values of the university. For all participants there is an award ceremony and the winning proposal receives a prize valued at €500.