On-site Teaching


Learn more about courses taught in face-to-face mode

Euncet Business School training prepares students to land key jobs in areas across multiple sectors. We offer a wide range of teaching ranging from official qualification with degrees and Master’s degrees to that which makes up the Executive Education programme, oriented to a professional executive profile.

The type of teaching offered in face-to-face form ranges from business administration and management, marketing and digital communication, sports management, to the functional skills that every company should have: financial management, supply chain and logistics, operations management, sales and sales management and innovation and entrepreneurship.

In addition, our modular Executive Education teaching includes face-to-face courses in leadership and managerial skills and a course in managerial development. Both courses are part of the MBA curriculum.

On-site teaching at Euncet

On-site mode Euncet Business School allows you to study face to face during the morning while combining theoretical with practical study. Face-to-face study has been devised as an activity with a clear experiential purpose. Students can tackle exercises and resolve cases, as well as participating in group projects. The face-to-face mode promotes socialisation and networking based on the interaction between the students themselves through the dynamics of participation.

Another advantage of face-to-face training is that students take the lead. Our staff is composed of teachers who are experts in their field and they will be responsible for accompanying and helping students while they work through their activities. This helps streamline problem resolution and consultation for our students.

To encourage the personalisation of teaching, classes are taught in person and sessions are held in small groups. In addition, each student has a tutorial action plan through which teachers can improve student outcomes, professionalise their performance and identify specific strengths and needs. This tutorial plan will help students achieve their professional goals successfully with the help of skilled professionals.