Euncet Terrassa Campus


Natural environment

Situated in the Parc de Sant Llorenç del Munt i l'Obac, the Euncet Terrassa campus is located in a very special environment. Just two miles from Terrassa, this campus combines nature and education, thus offering the university community the perfect conditions to promote concentration and intellectual work.

The Euncet Business School community can enjoy open spaces where one can disconnect from teaching in the outdoors. In addition, the Euncet Terrassa campus finds itself immune to the noise of the city.

This campus is easily accessible by car or taxi, despite being located in the middle of natural surroundings such as the Parc de Sant Llorenç de Munt; it offers private parking for all our students.

The Euncet community can benefit from the various educational courses taught at the Euncet Terrassa campus, from basic and Master’s degrees to executive training, this composed of postgraduate qualifications and Master’s degrees which specialise in every area of a business.


Where we are

he Euncet Terrassa campus is located in the protected natural area of Parc de Sant Llorenç del Munt i l'Obac, 2 miles from the city of Terrassa. It provides private parking for more than 500 cars.

Parc de Sant Llorenç del Munt i l’Obac 

Camí del Mas Rubial, 1 

08225 Terrassa - Barcelona

Tel.: +34 935 47 60 66


The Euncet Terrassa Campus has 16 classrooms equipped with state-of-the-art technological resources which students can use every day during teaching hours. Given the adaptation of teaching to an online or streaming environment, we have renewed the technological system to incorporate environmental microphone equipment, with a view to improving the acoustics. 86-inch multi-purpose screens have also been installed for use as interactive whiteboards.

Euncet Business School has opted for this incorporation of innovative technological systems in order to improve the experience of students, with novel teaching methodologies attending to new needs: all this, for on-site and/or blended and for 100% online delivery of lessons.


In addition, the Terrassa Campus has 4 workspaces which students can use to make subject presentations, attend workshops with prominent speakers in their sector, as well as perform activities in small groups. These spaces can also be used by the university community at any time to carry out any work and/or educational activity.

AULA MAGNA (Great Hall)

One of the most useful spaces at the Euncet Terrassa Campus is the Aula Magna (Great Hall). This auditorium has a large area to host the most important events of the university community: from graduation events for the different courses (basic degrees, Master’s degrees and executive training) to the various training days; from open days to masterclasses taught by leading professionals in their fields, which take place throughout the academic year.


Another of the spaces dedicated to promoting the educational development of students is the Library. This space is designed for students and/or members of the university community to study in a protected environment which promotes concentration, as well as to reserve and borrow complementary course material such as books and films or consult articles and journals specialising in the different areas of each course.


Euncet Business School has made progress in reducing its carbon footprint by implementing an advanced self-consumption photovoltaic solar system with surplus compensation at the Terrassa Campus facilities.

This innovative project, consisting of 218 photovoltaic modules, demonstrates the university's dedication to actively contributing to the fight against climate change and significantly improving its energy efficiency.

All these actions are key elements within Euncet Business School's comprehensive renovation and efficiency plan, thus consolidating the school's commitment to sustainability and environmental preservation.

Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan

Terrassa Campus Studies