Postgraduate in Organic Leadership

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Start: 10/28/2024 or 10/31/2024

Duration: 6 months

Modality Online: Monday or Thursday from 3:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.

Campus: Online

Language: Spanish

The Postgraduate Degree in Organic Leadership offers those responsible for leading organizations and their teams with an innovative approach that will allow them to manage identity and strategic aspects, relationships between people, production, administrative and/or communicative and resources in its broadest concept. In this way, they will be able to generate dynamics that overcome the current challenges of human development and economic and environmental sustainability, guiding their "participatory role" in the company to which they belong.

Postgraduate in Organic Leadership. Own degree recognized by the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC)





Starting date:

On-line Group 1: 28/10/2024

On-line Group 2: 31/10/2024


25 (125 hours)




5.200 €


The Postgraduate in Organic Leadership is a fundamentally experiential and experimental modular training program that proposes a new management and leadership process based on the organic model; a management style based on everyone's responsibility, where the personal and professional growth of people and their participation is developed to achieve the company's objectives in the most agile and efficient way.

With the postgraduate course you will learn to incorporate the organic model as a form of organizational management and you will manage change from a transformative vision by carrying out a prior process of self-knowledge that lets you identify the capacities and abilities of each participant to overcome situations of resilience.

In addition, you will develop strategies to improve dialogue, self-management, relationship and decision-making skills; you will identify and promote both your own strengths and those of your collaborators; you will adequately manage factors such as uncertainty, conflicts, stress and identify; and you will enhance your own talent and that of your team.

Learn about the most appropriate ways to relate effectively according to different types of people, increasing efficiency in management, collaboration, innovation, negotiation or project management processes.

With this program you will understand the scope of management skills such as motivating, delegating, training, and giving feedback, and its impact on the development of employees. Promote teamwork from a culture of creativity and innovation.

Thanks to a personalized action plan, the student will be able to transform the vision of everything that surrounds him, and through different Agile methodologies, participants will train techniques based on observation and meditation practices that will allow them to apply them in the workplace.

The postgraduate program is given by teachers with recognized academic and professional careers, linked to the business world.

Discover the Postgraduate in Organic Leadership and manage change and transformation of people in your company.


The Postgraduate Program in Organic Leadership is aimed at:

  • Active professionals and managers who occupy, or will occupy in the future, managerial or team management functions in any type of organization.
  • Professionals who want to update their leadership knowledge or reorient their professional career as managers to improve their ability to influence.
  • Individuals and/or medium or small organizations can opt for this training.

Factors of Change and Leadership Tools

  • Expectations, uncertainties and risks of exponential evolution.
  • Change of Paradigms (Humanism, Technology and Environment.
  • Open mind, ability to unlearn and learn from the future.
  • Contents

  • Peculiarities and resistance to change.
  • Inertia of organizations.
  • Essentially Humanistic, radically Effective.
  • Management by Values.
  • The fate of time. Life priorities.

Self-Awareness and Appreciative Communication

  • Implement a professional and personal improvement plan.
  • Turn weak points into strong points.
  • Apply versatility.
  • Contents

  • Using time and energy.
  • Self-diagnosis.
  • Needs and expectations of one's own communicative style.
  • Considerations on non-verbal language and non-inclusive language.
  • Apply the different mediation techniques.
  • Efficiently manage conflicts, taking into account the profiles of members.
  • Contents

  • Nature and typology of conflicts.
  • Opposition vs polarity.
  • Difference between complaints, conflicts and problems.
  • Your treatment according to the profile.

The Organic Model and Change: Key Concepts

  • Apply an organic management model.
  • Distinguish the four levels at which an organization develops.
  • Establish existential bridges between person and organization.
  • Employee development and empowerment.
  • Contents

  • Mechanistic, systemic and organic model: differences.
  • Diagnosis of my organization.
  • Forms of application of the organic model.
  • Leadership Strategies.
  • Evaluation strategy vs. development interview.
  • Manage the work team in relation to the organic model.
  • Create and manage high performance teams.
  • Align individual and collective commitment with team values.
  • Contents

  • Differences between a group, team and organic team.
  • Presentation of the "5C" and "3A" teamwork model.
  • Organic meetings.
  • Online teams: new paradigm?


2023-2024 Academic year

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2024-2025 Academic year

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Executive Education Director
Director of the Graduate Program in Organic Leadership
Academic Manager of Executive Education



The Euncet Business School Postgraduate Program in Organic Leadership prepares managers and professionals to lead teams from a much more comprehensive and profound perspective, based on a prior process of self-knowledge and transformation. With this methodology you will learn to manage your emotions and thoughts. To lead others you must be able to trust yourself and discover your abilities and strengths, as well as your shortcomings. Only in this way will you be able to obtain a more complete and change-oriented vision, and carry out the transformation that your company needs. Changes begin with yourself and only by identifying what values you are based on and projecting your excellence will you be able to lead motivated and effective teams, as well as identify and promote the talent of the people around you.

The organic leadership program proposes an organic model based on the development and transformation of people and organizations, supported by the need to approach traditional ways of leadership and including the need to review and improve the model of being human.

With this program you will learn to manage and change reality, overcoming the paradigms that hinder it, based on the constant search for development and effectiveness, the consolidation of results in a context, proposing solutions and minimizing problems, focusing on the greatest asset of organizations: the human resource, that is, the people.

The postgraduate course offers a fundamentally experiential and experimental route determined by an individualized action plan that helps us understand and act in a way that is consistent with who we are and want to be, offering an innovative approach that allows us to become aware of our personality, improve relationships between people and processes generating new dynamics and challenges.

Boost your professional career and become the leader that companies demand. Thanks to Euncet Business School's modular system, you will be able to obtain an MBA or a Master's Degree in Organic Leadership and Personal and Business Development that will allow you to develop all the managerial skills you need to manage change and transform the culture to a creative and innovative business culture.

Why study the Postgraduate in Organic Leadership at Euncet?

The Organic model fosters a management style based on the responsibility of each and every one of the members of the organization and the development of participation, consensus and mutual support that allow work teams to achieve objectives in an agile and satisfactory way. Essentially Humanistic, Radically Effective.
Participants learn to overcome situations of emotional and mental resistance that allow the incorporation of a new paradigm from which to approach projects. Projective techniques are used through artistic practices and different Agile methodologies.
Facilitates the understanding that thought is the culmination of a language development process and trains its use, introducing nuances and oratory strategies, in order to promote dialogue, self-management, relationship and decision-making skills.
Through various observation and meditation practices, the internalization of the resilience capacity to overcome adversity is pursued.
Prestigious Instructors
Teachers with recognized academic and professional careers, linked to the business world.
Euncet Expertise
40 years training professionals and managers in management, innovation and new technologies.

Georgina Navarro

Executive Education Advisor

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