University Services

At Euncet you will find everything you need for your studies

Organising your personal and professional development is a challenge. It involves effort, work and dedication. At Euncet Business School we will put at your disposal everything you need to make your academic stay with us as easy and comfortable as possible. You only have to worry about making the most of your academic subjects and activities, all taught by distinguished professionals.

Find out what general resources and services we offer you as a Euncet student. Take advantage of your college experience and take the first step towards your goals with Euncet Business School!


At the Academic Management Service we will advise you about all the administrative procedures related to academic activity, whether you are a student or a teacher.

The best feature of this service is our offering high quality management and personalised attention to your academic activity. Thus, at Academic Management you can solve any doubt or need that arises during the management of administrative procedures in your academic life.


So that location and travel are not inconvenient in pursuing your academic career at Euncet Business School we put at your disposal our private bus network.

The Bus Euncet service is free and available during every teaching day. The itinerary connects the Terrassa campus with various locations in the city.


With the ICT (Information and Communication Technologies) service we offer our students access to an official, personalised Euncet e-mail facility, unique to each student, as well as the e-learning platform Virtual Campus. Both the e-mail and the Virtual Campus are the official communication channels through which students will receive the latest news regarding their studies, as well as the notice of any development or modification of the services provided by the university.


Because studying isn’t everything in life, at Euncet Business School we have a cafeteria service that students can use to disconnect from school sessions. In the cafeteria you will find everything from a hot and cold drinks service to options to order food or enjoy our artisan pastries.


The Euncet Business School library wants to be a useful tool for its educational community, supporting teaching, study and research. Therefore, its objectives are to be an open and up-to-date library, with a bibliographic collection appropriate to the areas of knowledge of the studies that we offer.