Euncet Governing bodies

Euncet Business School Regulation

Euncet regulates its operation and organization based on the Euncet Business School Regulations, which were approved on December 19, 2022 by the Management Board, automatically repealing the previously current Rules.

For anything not foreseen by the aforementioned Regulations or in the Statutes of the Polytechnic University of Catalunya and the provisions that regulate them, the Law 30/92 of 26 November, applies; this concerns the legal status of public administrations and the common administrative procedures, as amended by the Law 4/99 of 13 January.

Euncet Regulations

Amendment of the Regulations

Reform or amendment of the Euncet Business School Regulations may be promoted by:

  • The Principal of Euncet.
  • By at least one third of the members of the Euncet Management Board.

The procedure will be the following:

Any proposal to amend or reform the procedural Regulations of the School must be accompanied by the reasoned resolution of the initiating body, and shall include the proposed amendment text.

In order to carry out any proposal to amend the Regulations, a quorum of one half plus one of the members of the Euncet Management Board is necessary; its approval by at least one half plus one of the members of the Euncet Management Board is also necessary..

Euncet Business School

Euncet governing bodies

As stated in the Euncet Business School Regulations, the governing, representative and advisory bodies of the School are as follows:

Collegiate bodies

  • Euncet Management Board.
  • Standing Committee.
  • Academic Committee.
  • Quality Committee.
  • Research Committee.

Single-peson bodies

  • The General Manager of Euncet.
  • The School Director.
  • The Academic Secretary.

Other deliberative or advisory bodies

  • Review Panels.
  • Committee on Previous Studies.
  • Working Committees on Aims of Studies
  • External Internship Committee
  • Student Relations Committee
  • International Relations and Mobility Committee