Master's Degree in Marketing Technologies

Programa details

Start: 17/09/2024

Duration: 8 months

Modality On-Site: Tuesday to Thursday from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m.

Modality Semipresencial: Tuesday to Thursday from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m.

Campus: Barcelona Can Dragó

Language: Spanish, English

Credits: 60

The Master's degree in Marketing Technologies at Euncet Business School is designed to train professionals to lead marketing in an organization from a global perspective, focusing on the relevance and impact that new technologies applied to marketing have on business management.

In a technological landscape in constant evolution, marketing specialists can be overwhelmed by the diversity of options. This Master's degree in Marketing Technologies allows them to establish selection criteria, confront and implement the most appropriate processes and technologies for companies.

Companies face many challenges such as choosing the right platform and designing the optimal workflow, integrating new systems, changing the way marketing works and the logic of marketing in organizations and the large amount of data that is processed in digital marketing.

Master's degree in Marketing Technologies from the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya

Knowledge area:

Social and legal sciences





Teaching hours:

225 teaching hours



New Entry Spot:

50 places (On-site)

50 places (On-site Part-time)


1 academic year


Spanish / English


13.200 € 


The Master's program in Marketing Technologies prepares professionals to efficiently and agilely manage a wide variety of tools that help achieve marketing goals or objectives.

In this sense, this university degree imparts content that focuses both on the skills of implementation, negotiation and team management, as well as on the latest technologies.

In short, the program aims to train students to take on managerial roles in changing environments, as well as providing them with a holistic view of innovation, technology and marketing.

Distribution of credits

The Master's Degree in Marketing Technologies study plan is structured in two semesters. Each of them develops the skills and abilities necessary to consolidate your professional career in the field of marketing and communication management and also allows you to acquire advanced knowledge in digital marketing and e-commerce to successfully tackle the digital economy.

In order to obtain the Master's Degree in Marketing Technologies, the following subjects must be taken:

Subject typeECTS
Compulsory 45
Master's thesis15
Total 60

Supplemental courses

Students who enter with any of the degrees indicated in the “Recommended entry profile” will generally not require taking supplemental training courses.

Other students who enter the master's degree with a different profile must take additional training courses.

These supplemental courses will vary between 0 and 30 ECTS, depending on the admission qualification and the previous academic skills of the student reflected in their particular academic record. The number and content of the credits to be taken will be determined by the Master's Degree Academic Committee.

Specifically, the following training supplements have been defined:


  • Fundamentals of Business Management, 6 ECTS.

  • Fundamentals of Marketing and Applied Technology, 6 ECTS.


Marketing estratégico y tecnología (cast./eng.)8
Consumidor, tendencias de compra y personalización (cast./eng.)5
Creación de experiencias (cast./eng.)5
Comercio electrónico (cast./eng.)4
Comunicación de marketing, panorama mediático y audiencias (cast./eng.)5
Automatización de marketing (cast./eng.)3


Publicidad digital y redes sociales (cast./eng.)8
Experiencias inmersivas híbridas (cast./eng.)3
Analítica de marketing (cast./eng.)4
Trabajo de fin de máster (cast./eng.)15


Spanish Edition

2024-25 Academic Year

  • First Semester
  • Second semester
  • TFM Committes


English edition

2024-25 Academic Year

  • First Semester
  • Second semester
  • TFM Committes

Methodology details

The learning process at Euncet Business School - UPC combines a set of methodologies that allow the participant to achieve in a practical and innovative way the competencies of the professional profile established in the Master and the digital context.

  • Practical approach: Short and focused contents are provided that facilitate the absorption and immediate application of knowledge in real projects, which support the objectives of providing a practical approach and developing the ability to communicate effectively between marketing professionals and technologists.
  • Adaptability and continuous development: The objectives of fostering adaptability and promoting a proactive attitude towards continuous learning are aligned.
  • Technology literacy: Short audiovisual materials can cover key aspects of emerging and established technologies in marketing, enabling students to recognize and apply these technologies in practical contexts.
  • Simulator and game-based learning: A form of practical teaching in which students acquire knowledge and skills through interaction in a simulated environment or game, which enhances motivation and information retention.

In summary, these innovative methodological strategies not only provide a modern and engaging educational approach, but also reinforce the practical and technological focus of the master's degree, preparing students to face the real challenges of the digital marketing and technology field.

Requirements and admission in University Master's Degree In Marketing Management

Here you will find all the information related to the admission requirements for the Master's Degree in Marketing Technologies.

To apply for the Euncet Business School master's degrees, students must have a university degree and present a letter of motivation that they will send together with a photocopy of their passport or DNI, Curriculum Vitae and Transcript of qualifications.

Our academic committee, chaired by the director of the master's degree, will evaluate the profile and decide on the application.

In Admissions, the information regarding the requirements to access the Master's Degree in Marketing Management is expanded upon.

MFP Regulations in University Master's Degree In Marketing Management

To obtain the title of Master's Degree in Marketing Technologies, the student must complete a Master's Thesis (TFM) that counts 15 ECTS.

This thesis consists of the following tasks:

  • Perform business analysis and diagnostics in order to establish the starting line for the design and activation of marketing plans.
  • Solve real challenges of companies in activity.
  • Present and defend marketing action proposals.
  • Develop a final project that demonstrates effective gender perspective in marketing technologies strategies, tactics and tools.

It will be evaluated on the basis of the continuous evaluations made by the tutor during seven mentoring sessions. At the end of the mentoring period, the presentation and defense of the work is made before a tribunal formed by three people: the president, the secretary and the member. The tribunal scores and issues the final grade report.

For further details:

TFM Regulations of the Master's Degree in Technologies Applied to Marketing


Director of Euncet
Master’s Degree Director
Master's Degree Coordinator
Master's Degree Manager



Students of the Master's program achieve a profile that is prepared to occupy different marketing positions in the current context of the digital economy. 

Both the holistic vision of strategic marketing and the knowledge of all kinds of tools found at the marketing-technology intersection allow students to opt for the following career opportunities:

  • Marketing Manager
  • Communication Manager
  • Brand Manager
  • Social Media Manager
  • Data Analyst
  • Digital Manager

Why study a University Master's Degree In Marketing Management at Euncet?

Holistic vision of strategic marketing and digital business
Students have the opportunity to apply their knowledge in entrepreneurial projects.
Learning based on dynamics and experiences
Seminars, masterclasses, workshops and company visits.
Prestigious professors
Teachers with recognized academic and professional careers linked to the business world.
Euncet Expertise
40 years training professionals and executives in management, innovation and new technologies.
Access to the doctorate
Academic program with a mixed profile oriented towards both the application in professional practice and training for research.

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Master’s Degrees Advisor

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