Master in Artificial Intelligence Applied to Business

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Start: October 7, 2024

Duration: up to 12 months

Modality Online: 4 to 8 hours per week

Campus: Online

Language: Spanish

The exponential growth of artificial intelligence (AI) and its multiple applications is transforming society by leaps and bounds, a fact that is demanding new skills and professional profiles. 

Education, considered as the main social transforming factor, must incorporate training on this new paradigm and under this premise the master's degree in Artificial Intelligence Applied to Business of Euncet Business School has been set. 

This program is designed to give you a learning experience with which to take your skills about artificial intelligence and data to a new level. 

Focusing on machine learning and natural language, with the master you will obtain the necessary tools to understand and interact in this new ecosystem focused on Big Data, data science and digital transformation.    

Artificial intelligence has become the disruptive technology of the moment due to its great potential for implementation and inclusion, since it is accessible to any organization and professional profile, regardless of the sector in which they operate. The democratization of this technology makes its knowledge and mastery an obligatory necessity for those professionals who do not want to be left behind in this new era.

Online Master in Artificial Intelligence Applied to Business

Start date:

1st Edition: 2/10/2023

2nd Edition: 6/11/2023

3th Edition: 15/01/2024

4th Edition: 26/2/2024

5th Edition: 3/5/2024

6th Edition: 4/6/2024

7th Edition: 7/10/2024




1.300 €

Master's Degree Program in Artificial Intelligence Applied to Business

The curriculum of the master's degree in Artificial Intelligence Applied to Business is conceived from a global vision of AI, covering a broad spectrum of topics ranging from strategy and digital visibility to the creation of multimedia content. In addition to learning techniques for using this innovative technology, the management of social networks and other sales and communication channels through AI-based tools is also explored.

Another aspect included in the master's degree is the state of the current legal framework and the peculiarities of the use and dissemination of tools and creations made through this technology.

The curriculum consists of 8 subjects and more than 80 videos that deal with artificial intelligence applied to strategy and work methods, the Canva tool, productivity, social networks, design and multimedia, marketing and sales, and the legal framework.


The main objective of the master's degree in Artificial Intelligence Applied to Business is to train participants to understand and master the methods, techniques and resources offered by artificial intelligence today, to apply them strategically in business. This will allow them to apply these tools effectively in various business areas, from decision-making to process optimization. 

With this, it will be possible to prepare professionals to face the new challenges and business difficulties, focusing on results and acquiring the business skills and artificial intelligence techniques necessary to overcome competitors and stand out in the business sector.  

The master's degree prepares participants to: 

  • Master more than 100 AI tools, essential to transform different aspects of the business world.  

  • Optimize operations and increase efficiency by automating and scaling processes. 

  • Improve the online presence and visibility of the company by applying advanced SEO techniques and digital marketing strategy. 

  • Keep your competitive profile updated in the market knowing the trends and technologies in AI, ensuring continuous professional growth.  


This program is designed for professionals and graduates who want to acquire advanced training in artificial intelligence and need to expand their skills in big data, deep learning and artificial intelligence with a program adapted to the needs demanded by today’s world, easily accessible and with a comprehensive vision.  

The master's degree in Artificial Intelligence Applied to Business of Euncet Business School is aimed at different profiles:  

  • Working professionals. Managers, information technology directors, data analysts, consultants with years of professional experience who want to acquire knowledge and skills in artificial intelligence to make more informed and strategic decisions, improve their performance in their current roles or advance in their careers. 
  • Recent graduates. Recent university graduates looking for specialized training in this disruptive technology to acquire a solid base on artificial intelligence, big data and deep learning with which to improve their professional profile to adapt to the new needs of the markets and find their first internships in companies.  
  • Entrepreneurs. Professionals who have the concern to create their own company or startup taking advantage of the potential offered by artificial intelligence and other technological disruptions and need to be up to date with the latest trends that can be applied to their business models.  
  • Technology professionals. Professionals with a background in computer engineering and programming languages who want to expand their skills towards digital marketing, artificial intelligence and data analysis. 
  • Marketing and sales professionals. Professionals who want to improve their marketing and sales strategies by taking advantage of the latest developments and trends that are being developed with artificial intelligence and that can become a competitive advantage for brands and organizations.

Máster AI Study Plan

Study plan of the Master in Artificial Intelligence Applied to Business:

  • Strategy and visibility with artificial intelligence
  • Multimedia with artificial intelligence
  • Techniques for the use of AI
  • Productivity with AI
  • Social Media Management with AI
  • Methods, techniques and tools with AI
  • Improvement of the use of conva wirh AI
  • AI Legal framework


Online learning of the master's degree in Artificial Intelligence

The master's degree in Artificial Intelligence is taught online to bring access to specialized training on artificial intelligence to any professional profile, regardless of where and when you are, thanks to the virtual campus that includes all the recorded sessions so that they can be consulted according to the needs of each participant.

It is the first master's degree created with the Speed Master method by Carles Argemí, a new original learning system based on teaching a concept per class in reduced sessions of 20 minutes in which real practical cases are included explained by contrasted instructors who make up the teaching team. This is intended to promote personal and family life without neglecting continuing professional training


Director of the online master in Artificial Intelligence


AI has become an essential discipline for many industries, and companies are constantly looking for professionals trained to apply AI techniques to improve their operations and make strategic decisions.  

The master's degree in Artificial Intelligence Applied to Business at Euncet Business School prepares participants to have a large number of career opportunities in the field of technology and business management. Among the most demanded positions by organizations are the following profiles: 

  • Data scientist. Responsible for collecting, analysing, and interpreting data with which to make informed decisions thanks to AI algorithms that allow to extract knowledge and patterns from data. 
  • Business analyst with a focus on AI. They act as intermediaries between technical and management teams, helping to translate business problems into AI solutions. Ensure that implementations meet corporate objectives. 
  • AI Consultant. This is one of the most demanded profiles since its task is to advise companies on how to effectively implement and use artificial intelligence in their operations. They help in the identification of opportunities for improvement and in the elaboration of tailor-made AI strategies. 
  • AI Project Manager. They are in charge of supervising the execution of AI projects in an organization, coordinating interdisciplinary teams, managing resources and ensuring that projects are delivered in compliance with established requirements.  
  • Technology entrepreneur. Profiles with an entrepreneurial mindset who want to create AI-based products or services to meet market needs.   

Why to study the Master In Artificial Intelligence at Euncet?

Artificial Intelligence is a tool that is constantly evolving and whose potential is unlimited. This new technology is revolutionizing today's society and the way organizations operate in markets.  

Therefore, studying the master's degree in Artificial Intelligence at Euncet Business School can make the professional profile take a qualitative leap, making it one of the most demanded by companies today. Its main benefits include:

  • Labor demand on the rise. There is a growing demand for professionals with knowledge about this tool.  
  • Better career opportunities. It allows access to professional roles of greater responsibility and better remuneration, as there is a shortage of specialized profiles in this technology.  
  • Practical application. The practical profile of the master's degree helps to implement AI solutions that solve real problems of companies by applying theoretical-practical knowledge.  
  • Competitiveness. In an increasingly competitive job market, having a master's degree in artificial intelligence can set you apart from other candidates and make you more attractive to employers. 
  • Business innovation. Having training in AI enables participants to have a better preparation to lead innovation projects and detect opportunities that can be integrated into business strategies.  
  • Informed decision-making. Knowing how to analyse large amounts of data and extract relevant information from them with the help of AI tools helps in strategic decision-making and improves the efficiency of the organization.  
  • Continuous learning. Artificial intelligence technology is constantly changing. Therefore, it is essential to be up-to-date with the trends and new developments that are appearing through updated and practical training.  

Victor Milán

Master’s Degrees Advisor

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