Postgraduate in Management

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Start: 18/10/2024

Duration: 6 months

Modality Online: At your own pace

Campus: Online

Language: Spanish | English

Credits: 30 ECTS

The current business environment requires professionals with solid business direction and management skills. The Postgraduate in Management offers comprehensive training designed to provide students with knowledge in business management and equip them with tools to face the current business challenges.

This postgraduate degree allows you to develop the management skills necessary to strengthen your professional experience as a manager, integrating skills, knowledge, and aptitudes that will allow you to make strategic decisions and take risks.

The Postgraduate in Management provides a global vision of the company, its main management areas, and the interrelationship between the different departments, with a managerial and strategic focus. Our management program is designed to acquire a strategic management vision through a practical methodology that allows you to apply knowledge and techniques immediately in the work environment.

In the current context, characterized by constant changes, we find ourselves facing new challenges and business objectives. It is essential, therefore, to develop a solid business strategy that adapts to this dynamic environment. This implies the need for managers or department directors capable of acquiring and applying the necessary skills to face changes, as well as leading teams according to the strategy.

The Postgraduate in Management focuses on business situation analysis through the study of real cases and the resolution of management problems. In this program focused on executives, you will strengthen your soft skills, improving your interpersonal skills, and your ability to lead teams.

Postgraduate Degree in Management. Own degree recognized by the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC).






3.000 € (Launch price: 1.200 €)

Program of the Postgraduate in Management

The Postgraduate in Management at Euncet Business School is organized so that the student can obtain knowledge of the different subjects and manage to put it into practice and develop a proactive attitude and critical thinking.

This program offers you a flexible and progressive study plan that adapts to your pace and learning style.

The learning methodologies are the following:

  • Learning resources: subject materials and other sources of information of interest.
  • Micro-Learning: audiovisual materials that introduce, complement, or expand key knowledge simply and practically.
  • Learning by Doing: learning oriented towards the resolution of real practical cases, which encourages the practical application of the theoretical contents of each subject.
  • Forum: space for consultation with teachers to resolve doubts or concepts.
  • Debates: space for the exchange of ideas promoted by the teacher.
  • Masterclass: sessions taught in streaming format by expert professionals.
  • Competitive business
  • Business strategy
  • Understand the environment
  • Formulate the strategy
  • Change management fundamentals
  • Soft skills
  • Team configuration
  • Team leadership
  • Business model
  • Business model patterns
  • Financial statements
  • Financial Analysis

The Postgraduate in Management course is aimed at senior management profiles and responsibility positions, as well as high-level consulting experts:

  • University graduates with professional work experience who want to expand their knowledge in the strategic management field.
  • Professionals from different areas who want to know the management key areas, such as financial management and marketing management.
  • Professionals with managerial potential who seek to boost their professional career and take on jobs with more responsibility.


Director of the Postgraduate Program in Management
Director of Executive Education
Executive Education Manager



The Postgraduate in Management will provide you with the knowledge so that you can  manage companies and lead business projects from a 360º vision. Likewise, the program enhances leadership and change management skills, turning students into a versatile profile that is highly in demand in the labor market.

Graduates of the Postgraduate in Management will be able to assume roles such as:

  • General Manager
  • Innovation and Entrepreneurship Consultant
  • CEO or Founder
  • Head of Corporate Strategy
  • Entrepreneur
  • Management Consultant
  • Operations Manager
  • Financial Analyst

Why study the Postgraduate in Management?

Strategic and managerial management
The program aims to train students to play leadership roles in complex and uncertain environments, adopting an integral perspective of business development. It also provides a global and strategic vision, as well as business management knowledge and tools to optimize processes and address challenges in line with business strategy.
The Postgraduate in Management is organized so that you can obtain the knowledge of the different subjects whenever and wherever you want and put it into practice. You also have ample time to overcome the academic challenges and the evaluation of the program, making it easier for you to organize your study time.
Up-to-date approach
Each of the subjects is linked to a streaming masterclass to learn about current topics or key aspects that impact the business world.
Innovative virtual learning experience
An innovative virtual learning experience to share, discuss and develop your potential. The virtual program offers a flexible and progressive curriculum that allows students to choose their pace of learning and boost their academic and professional career.
Prestigious professors
Teachers of recognized academic and professional trajectory linked to the business world and experts in their field.
Euncet Expertise
+40 years training professionals and executives in management, innovation and new technologies.

Georgina Navarro

Executive Education Advisor

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