Partly On-site (Hybrid) Teaching


Degrees taught in a blended (hybrid) mode

To facilitate our training to the needs of each student, from Euncet Business School we offer the Degree in Business, Innovation and Technology, the Degree in Marketing, Innovation and Technology and the two university master's degrees: the Master in Business Administration and Management and the Master in Technologies Applied to Marketing in blended or blended mode.

For these degree courses students are only required to attend classes in person three times a week, in the evenings from 6 to 9.45 p.m. In this way, our students can reconcile their work and academic environment, in order to thus obtain a university diploma.

Partly on-site (hybrid) teaching at Euncet

Blended or hybrid learning combines the benefits of online and in-person environments. Students attend face-to-face classes in the classroom, while having the virtual campus reinforcement and multimedia materials to hand.

For this reason, classes are more dynamic and thus students assimilate knowledge quickly. In addition, their classroom presence allows students to establish links between themselves.

Access to the virtual classroom is a complementary learning methodology which allows students to obtain and retain recorded sessions, as well as perform the rest of the training activities at their own pace. It is an environment that allows constant update of the contents and materials provided to students during the course. It allows quick and flexible changes, so the user experience is constantly under analysis. In addition, with the implementation of our technologies students obtain higher quality e-tutoring. Using this system teachers can attend virtually to any of their queries and needs.

The blended education system is ideal for students who want greater flexibility in choosing where to study and when. In addition, with face-to-face teaching, students have more autonomy and freedom to deepen materials and content taught by teachers. Another advantage of the blended mode is that digital work has a greater role. In this way, students can adapt their learning style to the teaching model that best suits their needs.

The centre where this mode is based and taught is Euncet Terrassa Campus. Its facilities are located at a point of easy access and have the resources and equipment necessary to promote study and academic performance.