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Our studies in online teaching

Euncet Business School online teaching prepares students to lead key areas in multiple management sectors and master new professional trends such as cybersecurity and security profiles information. Our programme will be adapted to your needs, so that you can find different master's and postgraduate to suit your interests and preferences. Remember that at Euncet Business School students are the protagonists; you set the pace and the place.

E-learning mode at Euncet Business School

At Euncet Business School we have adapted to the needs of our students by creating an e-learning teaching programme. We have 40 years of experience as an educational centre, training professionals in management, marketing, technology and sport with our university courses approved by the Polytechnic University of Catalunya (UPC).

With our online courses students have total flexibility in learning. One of the advantages of this mode is that it is carried out remotely, that is, students need not go to class. In this way, students can access the training content as long as they have an electronic device (PC, tablet, laptop or mobile device) with access to the Internet.

Unlike the on-site or blended modes of teaching, in 100% online courses the virtual campus is the axis of the content and development of the programme. Students will obtain all the information related to the courses, schedule of activities, teaching guides, support and reinforcement material, as well as their evaluations and tasks to be performed. The virtual classroom becomes the epicentre of university activity, and is the channel of communication between students and teachers. Despite not interacting face-to-face, students have on-campus spaces such as chats and forums where they can exchange ideas and engage in conversations with their peers and teachers. It is very useful and crucial that students do not feel alone during their learning experience and always have the support and monitoring of the teaching team. In addition, sessions are logged on  , so they can be retrieved for re-viewing anytime, anywhere.

One of the main characteristics of this mode is the strong commitment and responsibility that must exist on the part of students. Their full flexibility of delivery requires students to get involved and take the initiative.

Students need to organise their study times, but all must meet the delivery dates for teaching exercises set by the teacher. These delivery calendars will be provided as a downloadable file within your virtual campus space.

The e-learning mode was originated in order to facilitate professional growth by adapting content to the virtual environment. The students themselves decide, depending on their personal and professional availability, how and when they prefer to access the learning content. In online training students have a higher degree of autonomy than in the on-site mode.


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