Master's Degrees

Master's Degree in Business Administration and Management

Drive yourself towards success 

Acquire the competencies and skills necessary to consolidate your professional career in the field of business administration and management while deepening your knowledge with a specialism of the Master’s in Strategic Communication.


Master's Degree in Marketing Management

Be a leader in digital development

Consolidate your professional career in the field of marketing and communication management by acquiring specific knowledge with a specialism in the Master’s in Strategic Communication.



Euncet Business School is a business school with 40 years of experience in training leaders in management, marketing, technology and sport.  Currently, Euncet offers two master’s degrees: the Master’s in Business Administration and Management and the Master’s in Marketing Management.

With a recognised MBA in Strategic Management you will obtain a university degree that will prepare you for decision-making in the field of management. The recognised Master’s in Business Administration and Management is taught over two terms, and each develops the competencies and skills necessary to consolidate your professional career in the field of business administration and management; in addition, this will allow you to acquire advanced knowledge in financial and human resources management, marketing and strategic management, with the global vision to successfully address the sustainability of the company in international markets.

With the recognised Master’s in Marketing Management you will receive the tools and knowledge necessary to lead a marketing department. The course curriculum includes everything related to the fields of marketing and sales, delving into different key aspects, such as marketing and commercial management, marketing plans, marketing mix, database management, marketing strategy, and digital marketing.

At Euncet Business School you will develop your skills thanks to the professional experience of our teaching staff and our dynamic and experiential training model, made possible with the support of our virtual campus and the different activities that the course provides such as seminars, masterclass, visits to companies, workshops and simulators with which you can expand your training. Complete the course with the internship system and become the professional you want to be.



A Master’s at Euncet University prepares you to mature professionally and personally in a multicultural environment. Live a transformative experience in Barcelona and develop your skills and knowledge to stand out in the business world.

New format

Teaching team

Masterclasses & workshops

Academic accreditation and international recognition

Doctorate entry

Live and streaming sessions with the possibility of consulting them as often as you need through the Virtual Campus.

Collaborative learning environment: virtual campus, subject forums, Zoom and Google Apps.

Weekly schedule of teaching activities to manage your time the way you want.

Faculty of the highest academic and professional excellence.

Teaching staff with extensive business experience.

Lecturers of distinguished prestige.

Classes imparted by company directors and experts in Strategic and Marketing Management.

Professionals from leading businesses in the market.

Recognised qualification from the Polytechnic University of Catalunya.

Diploma in specialisms from Euncet Business School.

Academic courses in mixed modes.

Valid for both professional practice and research.



To choose your educational and professional career it is very important to know which studies will be the most suitable for your needs. That is why at Euncet we want to inform and advise you on the advantages of studying a Master’s degree. 

The Master’s degree is a higher education course that complements undergraduate studies and is characterised by its academic and professional specialisations, which provide the student with deeper and more technical knowledge in a particular field. The content includes research, since these are considered studies based on research training which will allow the student to move, if so desired, to a Doctorate. 

The qualification is officially recognised and is approved by the National Agency for Quality Assessment and Accreditation (ANECA), a department of the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport (MECD). The classes are taught by a teaching team made up of lecturers and professionals of known prestige; in addition, once this qualification is achieved, the student is entitled to scholarships offered by the State.

Euncet offers an innovative methodology based on Learning by Doing which encourages learning through practice, business simulation, masterclass and group dynamics. This method is ideal for enriching the professional and personal development of the student. 



Both courses confer an official qualification issued by the Polytechnic University of Catalunya, the largest public institution in Catalunya specialising in research and higher education in areas such as engineering, architecture and the sciences, with a history going back more than half a century. 

This qualification is recognised internationally and is endorsed by the Ministry of Education of each country. In addition, each Master’s course includes a specialism to enable you to become an expert and boost your professional career in business activity in a very specific area: in the case of the MBA in Strategic Management, and in the case of the Master in Marketing Management, that is in Strategic Communication.