Global Executive MBA in Barcelona

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    Fri 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. @ Sat 9.30 a.m. to 1.30 p.m.

  • Modality On-site
  • Campus Terrassa Online
  • Starting date

    20/10/2023 @ 24/11/2023

  • Duration

    up to 9 months


The business world is constantly changing and, because of this, highly qualified professionals with a holistic vision of the organization are needed, capable of efficiently handling the different situations that a company goes through. The Global Executive Master in Business Administration (GEMBA) of Euncet Business School is a comprehensive and complete program that will allow you to manage a business and learn to lead with agility and effectiveness in an increasingly digitized scenario, understanding the impact of technologies in the world of senior management.

In addition, it will allow you to develop skills, competencies, knowledge, and attitudes necessary for the strategic and managerial business administration of companies, through new methodologies and practices that minimize risk, streamline decision-making, facilitate processes, and deliver better results.

The master's degree is a global, immersive, and up-to-date program that integrates all key areas of business: business strategy and development, leadership and change management, innovation, entrepreneurship, marketing, and value creation, as well as the cross-application of technology in all business processes.

It also represents an exponential leap in your professional and managerial development, as well as a unique opportunity for the development of your professional networking in a unique environment.



The Global Executive MBA enables you to analyze, understand, and interact in today's increasingly competitive, changing, complex, and digital business environment. All this from a global business perspective so that decision-making is in the most appropriate way and adjusted to the new scenarios.

Get a 360-degree view of the key areas of management and learn how technology can be a relevant factor to optimize business processes.

Develop a business plan that will allow you to detect opportunities and take on new business challenges, as well as define the objectives and strategies of your business, incorporating new technologies into your management.

In addition, with the Global Executive MBA you will develop the skills and tools necessary to lead high-level teams and boost your professional career in business management by designing your own professional development plan and exchanging your professional experience with great professionals in the sector, thus expanding your network of contacts. Get to know our practical and innovative methodology and learn through the study of real business cases (Business Challenges).

Train yourself and acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to manage a company efficiently with the Global Executive Master in Business Administration of Euncet Business School.

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Master's Degree in Business Administration from Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC)

Global Executive Master's Degree in Business Administration by Euncet Business School


Master's Degree in Business Administration from Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya

Starting Date:

Onsite: 20/10/2023

Online: 24/11/2023


up to 9 months

Deadline to finish:



Spanish | English


100 % online (Spanish | English) or on site (Spanish)


60 (184 hours)




This master's degree is not only focused on business skills, but also trains students to promote and develop other skills necessary in the world of management to raise their skills in senior management adapting their profile to increasingly technological and dynamic scenarios.

The Global Executive Master in Business Administration is aimed at:

  • University graduates with professional experience who wish to expand their knowledge in the field of management and the cross application of technology to business processes.
  • Professionals from different areas who wish to know the key areas of management and the importance of technological tools for the optimization of processes.

  • Executives who wish to know the opportunities of new technologies in the development of business models that allow adapting to the challenges of the digital economy.

  • Professionals with managerial potential, whose objective is to boost their professional career and reach positions of greater responsibility.


The Global Executive MBA at Euncet Business School is designed to attract profiles who want to transform their professional career and acquire a competitive advantage in senior management, as well as understand the complexities of business in a globalized context.

Therefore, these profiles focus on engineering, business administration management, and finance. Being an advanced training in senior management and international business, they must also have a certain background in the business world as managers or in similar positions.



Engineering 45%
Business Administration 26%
Finance and Economics 8%
Law 5%
Others 16%

Company position

Management 46%
Administration 16%
Engineering 11%
Commercial & Marketing 11%
Projects 8%
Finance 5%
Law 3%

Average age

36,7 years old

Student satisfaction

9,21/ 10



Euncet Business School's Global Executive MBA prepares professionals in positions of high responsibility to address new business challenges and perform managerial functions efficiently and effectively. This type of program combines key aspects of business administration with a global and

executive approach, thus training students to take on leadership roles globally in multinational companies and organizations.

With this program, a student will develop professionally in senior business management and will obtain a global and holistic vision of the company, in addition to preparing as a director in a versatile and changing environment, providing them with the knowledge and skills necessary to successfully lead a company.

Another of the professional opportunities offered by the Global Executive MBA is strategic consulting, an area increasingly demanded by organizations for its analytical nature and the strategic vision it provides and that is vital in decision-making in today's unstable environments.

All the knowledge acquired during the master's degree is also applicable in the creation and management of a company, that is, in the entrepreneurial ecosystem, thanks to the 360 vision it provides of the functional areas of a company, as well as the current technological scenario.

Thus, this program enhances leadership skills and provides strategic knowledge and a global mindset that makes its students a highly demanded multi-skilled profile in organizations.

Why study the Executive MBA in Barcelona with Euncet?

In the face of dynamic and globalized scenarios, it is important to be updated and, therefore, investing in continuous training is crucial for professional growth.

The Global Executive MBA of Euncet Business School brings:

  • Management overview
    It provides a 360º view of the key areas of management and addresses how technology can impact business and be a relevant factor to optimize business processes.
  • Professional growth
    Both the program and the methodology are designed for students to develop skills and competencies that boost and increase their professional success

  • Leading business transformation
    Designed to facilitate the knowledge, methodology and key tools for students to improve their skills and become the professionals transformative of change that companies demand

  • Immersive experience and networking
    The methodology of the master's degree is based on an immersive and innovative learning experience to share, discuss and develop the potential of students, thus becoming a space in which to connect with other professionals in an exclusive learning environment.

  • Teaching excellence
    The master's degree is taught by professors of recognized academic and professional background, linked to leading companies in their sector that will transform the way students interpret, understand and solve the new business paradigms.

  • Cross training and practical approach
    During the program, theory is combined with practical real-world applications through networking sessions , workshops and conferences.


Aware of the immersive role played by the face-to-face methodology in the learning experience, the Global Executive MBA is taught face-to-face at the Euncet Business School facilities of the Terrassa Campus. 

In this way, students become protagonists thanks to the personalization offered by onsite attendance. This helps to professionalize students’ performance, since it allows direct contact with the teaching team, who can detect the potential and specific needs of each one of them and create action and mentoring plans in order to promote their development.  

In addition, this teaching method encourages socialization and networking among students through participatory dynamics.

On the other hand, we understand the importance of offering professional training for those who want to learn from anywhere and at any time, without having to be in person. 

Therefore, the Global Executive MBA in virtual mode is structured in blocks and content so that students can reconcile working hours with virtual classes.



Grado Ade presencial


The on-site mode of the Global Executive MBA at Euncet Business School allows you to study on-site in the city of Barcelona.

The programme is designed to take on challenges through group methodologies and learning by doing. Real cases and group practices will help you get the most out of this experience.



On site



Fridays: 16 to 20 p.m.
Saturdays (alternate): 9:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.








Grado Ade Semipresencial


The virtual mode of the Global Executive MBA at Euncet Business School allows you to study the programme remotely to train as a business leader.

The programme will make it easy for you to learn all the knowledge and tools through case studies, podcasts and videos that will complement your knowledge.                                                      

Modalidad ADE semipresencial




Starting Date




Spanish or english



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The Global Executive MBA of Euncet Business School offers practical and advanced content connected to the business reality, providing a critical and different way of thinking, as well as a global and international vision.

The scheme of studies is composed of 6 subjects: strategy and business development, leadership and change management, marketing and value creation, innovation, entrepreneurship and technologies applied to business, thus offering a comprehensive and updated vision of the functional areas of companies and the factors that are transforming the way of leading.

With this master's degree, students will obtain the qualification they need to reach a peak in their professional career in business management. In addition to getting trained to direct any functional area of the company and acquire the necessary skills from a global and differential vision, becoming one of the most recognized and demanded profiles by organizations worldwide.

Global Executive MBA study plan in Barcelona

Strategy and business development

Objectives and competencies

  • Understanding the importance of business strategy and business models and business models in highly dynamic, uncertain and complex uncertain and complex environments.
  • Becoming acquainted with the tools and conceptual frameworks for analyzing various strategic options and selecting and formulating the most appropriate business strategies and models to ensure the sustainability and competitiveness of the company.
  • Exploring financial tools and techniques for evaluating strategic investments and making sound decisions that support the business strategy.


  • Fundamentals of business strategy.
  • Strategy definition.
  • Business model design.
  • Financial analysis.

Teaching guide

Leading people and change

Objectives and competencies

  • Understanding the importance of leadership in complex and uncertain environments, and its influence on organizational performance and success.
  • Determining methodologies and tools to maximize team performance and build high-performing teams.
  • Promoting the development of soft skills required for leading situations with a high level of uncertainty and effectively implementing and managing change.
  • Exploring current leadership practices and change management approaches, and proposing improvements and evidence-based recommendations based on research.


  • Leadership and change management skills.
  • Leadership and team management.
  • Explore the different styles and theories of leadership and evaluate their applicability in situations of uncertainty and situations of uncertainty and change.
  • To deepen in the methodologies and tools to maximize team productivity to maximize team productivity and build high performance teams.
  • Knowing and correcting the dysfunctions of our teams, identifying identifying the key dimensions of high performance teams. high performance teams.
  • Become familiar with the challenges and opportunities associated with team opportunities associated with change management in organizations and opportunities associated with change management in organizations, and effective strategies.

Teaching guide

Applied business technologies

Objectives and competencies

  • Acquiring a comprehensive understanding of disruptive technologies and their impact on traditional businesses.
  • Comprehending how disruptive technologies relate to each other to generate innovative use cases and their impact across different business sectors.
  • Gaining a panoramic view of relevant technological trends in the business world and understanding their potential impact on businesses.
  • Developing knowledge and skills in information security and cybersecurity to protect enterprise systems and networks.
  • Understanding the usability of Business Intelligence and data analysis as key tools in making business decisions.
  • Exploring the concept of Growth Hacking and acquiring skills to successfully tackle Growth Hacking projects.


  • Digitalization of the company.
  • Technological tools applied to the company.
  • Information and security.
  • Data analytics.

Teaching guide

Marketing and value creation

Objectives and competencies

  • Becoming familiar with the fundamentals and key concepts of marketing in the current context.
  • Understanding the importance of implementing an effective marketing plan.
  • Acquiring knowledge of market research techniques and comprehending consumer behaviour.
  • Grasping customer-centric marketing strategies.
  • Determining the relevance of the marketing mix in the company.
  • Developing communication, negotiation, and sales management skills to achieve business objectives.


  • Marketing analytics and strategic marketing.
  • Marketing mix.
  • Strategic sales management.

Teaching guide


Objectives and competencies

  • Understanding the importance of innovation in the business environment and its role in differentiation and adaptation to change.
  • Becoming acquainted with various agile and innovation methodologies and being capable of applying them effectively in problem-solving, idea generation, and innovation project management.
  • Mastering design thinking techniques, including empathy, problem definition, and creative solution generation.
  • Acquiring knowledge in innovation management, including challenge identification, portfolio project management, and collaboration with external entities.


  • Fundamentals of innovation.
  • Product Management: Instrumentation, Roadmaps and Postmortem analysis.

Teaching guide


Objectives and competencies

  • Understanding the fundamentals of entrepreneurship and the characteristics of the current entrepreneurial ecosystem, including the role of the entrepreneur and the necessary leadership skills.
  • Exploring the process of creating a startup, from idea generation to the growth phase, with an emphasis on designing business models and developing minimum viable products (MVPs).
  • Analyzing the investor ecosystem and acquiring knowledge about tools and strategies to access funding, as well as understanding key metrics used to evaluate the progress and success of entrepreneurial projects.
  • Developing skills to identify entrepreneurship opportunities with a social and ethical focus, promoting the generation of a positive impact on society


  • Startup ecosystem.
  • Digital platforms and monetization.

Teaching guide

Executive Education Final Project - Global Executive MBA

The objectives of the Final Master's Thesis are:

  • Promote knowledge and management skills in strategy, finance, operations, supply chain, marketing, sales and people to make the best decisions from a cross-cutting vision that allows responding to customers and the technological transformation of the company.
  • Know the agile development of business models to innovate the company or start a business in the digital context.
  • Understand the impact of technologies in the business world and how to achieve sustainable and sustainable results.
  • Develop and hone management skills with leadership and communication tools.


  • Business case.
  • Creation of a business model.

Teaching guide

Calendars and schedules

Gobal Executive MBA

2023-24 Academic year / Terrassa Campus

Academic Calendar  (October)

Acedmic Schedule (October)

Global Executive MBA Professors


  • Dra. Jessica Lingan Azañedo
  • Executive Education Director
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  • Enric Bayó
  • Co-director of the Global Executive MBA
  • Email
  • Raúl Sánchez
  • Co-director of the Global Executive MBA
  • Email
  • Xavier Lamote de Grignon
  • Co-director of the Global Executive MBA
  • Email
  • Milena Perozo
  • Executive Education Coordinator
  • Email
  • Olga Villa
  • Executive Education Manager
  • Email


  • Dra. Mónica Utrera Jordán
  • Email
  • Mar Alarcón Batlle
  • Email
  • Jordi Arrufí Hernández
  • Email
  • Marta Bacardit
  • Email
  • Catalina Balseiro
  • Email
  • Alex Barangé Corachán
  • Email
  • Enric Bayó
  • Email
  • Santiago Castellanos
  • Email
  • Anna Esquius Figols
  • Email
  • Carles Gómara
  • Email
  • Rosa Guirado
  • Email
  • Noelia Hurtado Soriano
  • Email
  • Xavier Lamote de Grignon
  • Email
  • Genís Margarit
  • Email
  • Patrick Martínez
  • Email
  • Marc Milian i Rueda
  • Email
  • Ramon Montanera
  • Email
  • Carme Nova
  • Email
  • Oriol Pastor Utzet
  • Email
  • Rafael Richart Ferri
  • Email
  • Cecilia Richero Wilson
  • Email
  • Anna Ripoll
  • Email
  • Xavier Rodriguez Alfaro
  • Email
  • Jordi Sacristán
  • Email
  • Carlos Temprano Hidalgo
  • Email
  • Isabel Torra
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Global Executive MBA Methodology

Methodology details

We know that learning is much more effective when the student stops being a passive subject and becomes an active and interactive subject in the knowledge transfer process. Due to this, the teaching methodologies of our programs are based on real case studies, in which we can learn while we analyze in depth the exposed cases and draw conclusions; in business simulators, masterclasses and workshops, which will allow you to acquire current and practical knowledge, and expand your networking; and finally, in role-playing games.

Our postgraduate and master's degree programs are based on a competency assessment model, in which the progress of the students in achieving the objectives set out in the study program is assessed. Our system is based on the reflection and analysis of practical and real cases and the training ends with a business project that reflects everything learned by the student during their training at Euncet Business School.