Our academic management

At Euncet we help you with administrative issues

Whether you are a student or a teacher, from academic management we will help you with the administrative procedures related to academic activity and we will give you support in everything you need during your training at Euncet Business School.

This service is available whenever you need, to answer any questions or if you are not sure how to follow the academic administrative procedures.

Academic management services

Below, we present all the services we offer from academic management for all students who are part of the Euncet community:


If you are a new student, we will help you with the entire course enrolment process. If you are a graduate student, but not new, we will give you support in the self-registration, which is done only online. As a university training centre attached to the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya you can enjoy the services that the UPC itself offers to the entire student community. Query them here!


Once you have passed all the subjects covered in the study plan of your academic program, academic management will be able to close the file and start processing the degree. As soon as it is delivered to the centre, our academic management team will contact you to make an appointment and be able to physically deliver it to you.


In academic management we will inform and advise you on the functioning of the Euncet Business School and we will attend to your queries related to the day-to-day of academic activity. You will be able to keep up to date with all the activities and events that take place in our facilities during the academic year, as well as how to participate in them.


From academic management, other academic procedures are carried out, such as the verification of documents, requests to transfer files, certifications, as well as many other issues related to administrative and academic aspects.

If you have any questions about the academic procedures of Euncet Business School…

Email us at ga@euncet.es or call us on 93 547 60 74.