Our university library

Our library is...


It adapts to the needs of users to encourage learning, teaching and research.


Its commitment is that the bibliographic fund is always up-to-date, taking into account the bibliographies of the subjects taught.


Its facilities are designed to promote study and concentration.


It offers added value through guidance and support services.

We promote knowledge and study

In the university library of the Euncet Business School, you will find a study and consultation space designed to enhance learning, teaching and research. The bibliographic fund is specialized in the areas where Euncet teaches so that the library is a useful and up-to-date tool for the entire Euncet community.

  • Bibliographic information service. The library staff offers you:
    • Information about the library and its services
    •  Advice on where and how to find information on a subject.
    • Help to search and obtain the documents. If necessary, they  will inform you where you can find a document that is not in the Euncet library.
  • Loan service. All members of the Euncet educational community can use the loan service, which is free and implies acceptance of the rules that regulate it (Library Service Regulations). Through the catalogue you will be able to find out which bibliographic resources are available to consult and borrow.
  • Who can access the Library Service? Any member of the Euncet educational community: students, Teaching and Research staff, Administration and services staff and Alumni.
  • How can I access the virtual library? From this link, you can consult the library catalogue. If you want to borrow a book or make a reservation, you must access your virtual library account by entering the access keys.
  • Do I need a student card to borrow a document? For the Euncet library, no card is required. However, Euncet is an affiliated institution to the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC) and, as such, our students can borrow documents from the UPC libraries, as long as they show their student card.
  • How long can I borrow a document? For 14 days.
  • What happens if I return a book late? The Library Service can block your account, so that you can consult the bibliographic collection, but you cannot borrow any books until you return it.
  • Can I renew a document I have on loan? Yes, you can renew any book, from the library catalogue. The renewal of documents must be done before the end of the return date, provided that:
    • The document has not been requested by any other user.
    • Don't have your account blocked for late return of  another docume
  • Can I consult degree’s thesis of other students? Yes. In the catalogue, you will be able to consult both the Bachelor’sDegree  and the Master's Theses

Here you will find the Library Service Regulations which were approved in April 2023 and which guarantee the proper functioning of the library. The management of  Euncet Business School and the Library Service will ensure that all users comply with the regulations.

Library hours

You can access the library as a study area during the same hours that the Euncet Business School facilities are open.