The Euncet students’ association

We promote our students

At Euncet Business School we have a Student Association with which we help promote, give resources to and encourage all the activities or projects that arise from our students' own ideas.

It is the perfect space for students to get involved and discover new ways of applying the knowledge acquired in class in a more dynamic way linked to the business sector.

With a wide offer, our students will be able to find the activity that best suits their interests. Thanks to the agreement with the Barcelona Marketing Club, they will be able to keep up to date with all the latest developments in the marketing sector, they will participate in activities such as the Cultural Week of the Terrassa UPC Campus Schools and they will be able to participate in the KauTik40 project or join the ePowered racing team.

Activities for students

Here you will find all the activities and projects in which our students participate:


Focused on students of the university degree in Marketing and Digital Communication, at Euncet we offer our students the opportunity to form part of the Barcelona Marketing Club, an organization with more than 1,500 members whose maxim is to dedicate time and effort to dealing with strategic issues for the business sector with marketing as its centre.
Thanks to the agreement between the Euncet Business School and the Barcelona Marketing Club, those students interested in being part of the organization will be able to participate in its events with no fees the first year and with a 50% discount for the second year.

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The KauTik40 program is an incubation program for innovative projects in which Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) and technology play a crucial role in the business model. Every year, we invite our students to participate in this program with personal projects that are innovative and disruptive. It is the perfect opportunity for them to acquire the necessary skills and abilities to learn how to incorporate projects into the market while remaining competitive. This initiative is carried out thanks to the Innovation and Universities Service of the Terrassa City Council and Leitat Centre Tecnològica, a partner of the Euncet Business School.

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EPowered Racing is a UPC project created in early 2015 by a team of students. This project aims to design and manufacture an electric competition motorcycle.In 2018, 5 students from the Euncet Business School degree in Marketing and Digital Communication joined the ePowered Racing team to support the project's communication. One of the most interesting aspects of this project is the link that is created between the sponsoring companies and the university.

Learn about the ePowered Racing team


The Cultural Week of the Schools of the Terrassa UPC Campus is a seminar spanning several days and is aimed at all the students that are part of the UPC, either because they study at that university centre or because they belong to affiliated centres, such as in the case of Euncet Business School. It is held the first week of May of each year and all UPC Terrassa Campus schools participate in it. During the seminars, students participate in more than 100 recreational activities ranging from sports competitions to live concerts, workshops and competitions, outdoor cinema and much more!

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