Euncet's university events

Don’t miss the most important events at euncet!

At Euncet Business School we know that knowledge has no limits and what better way to learn than by listening to the best!

During the academic year we organise different events, both face-to-face and online. They address current issues related to the knowledge areas of our undergraduate and Master’s degrees and Executive Modular Education.

All these activities are open to the whole Euncet community and each one is orientated towards a specific type of study.

At Euncet Business School we also offer seminars for secondary education in which students can discover topics that may interest them at the hands of Euncet teachers.

Educational orientation: our secondary seminars

One of the most important steps in our lives is deciding whether the to live the university experience and choosing which academic training to follow.

In order to help any undecided students, at Euncet Business School we have an educational orientation programme in which, through seminars taught by Euncet teachers in schools, we delve into topics that may interest students and may help them choose which branch of knowledge they would like to study.

Online Chats

The series of educational talks that we promote each academic year from Euncet Business School presents the perfect opportunity to address specific current issues related to our teaching. In addition, they are always taught by our teaching staff, either teachers or directors of the Executive training programmes.

Our open doors days

Because there is nothing better than living the Euncet experience first-hand, from our institutes we bring our philosophy and educational vision to you, with various, free open days in which attendees can find out directly from our directors, teachers and students about the different programmes we offer, as well as our innovative methodology based on Learning-By-Doing.

Learn more with our webinars

Another of the activities we offer at Euncet Business School is the series of online training ‘smart pills’, known as webinars. These sessions address topics related to the latest trends in the areas of knowledge of our courses. They are taught by professionals in the sector who are also part of the teaching staff of Euncet Business School. In addition to addressing topics of interest, they present the perfect opportunity for users to share their experiences, doubts and concerns on issues in real time.

Euncet company day

The Euncet Company Day showcases the Euncet Business School commitment to the employability of our students. It is an annual event at which both students and Euncet alumni have the opportunity to make direct contact with companies and discover their professional potential.

Graduation from Euncet

Graduation from our courses is one of the most anticipated events for our students. This event represents the fitting end of your experience in any of our courses at Euncet Business School and the starting point of your professional future.