Educational Guidance: Euncet Seminars


At Euncet Business School we offer training seminars to secondary schools and higher level training cycles to collaborate with their Educational Orientation, within the framework of promoting our degree offer. The topics are open and updated, and we have speakers with extensive professional and teaching experience. You can do them in person at your school or institute, at our facilities located in Terrassa or online by Zoom.

The Euncet seminars address topics of interest related to professional areas that are on the rise and for which Euncet Business School offers training. They are a good resource to help the indecisive student in making educational and career decisions.

In these events, in addition to learning concepts and tools, students participate in dynamics and activities. They are a great opportunity for attendees to gain more information when choosing which career to study, in addition to meeting our teaching team and educational philosophy.

At Euncet Business School we are committed to accessible and quality training with which our students can be everything they aspire to for their future. Thus, these seminars are one more tool to help in the educational orientation of those students who want to start their university experience, but do not know which course to choose.


If you do not know in depth the administrative processes to access the university, it can be a tedious challenge. With the seminar "Access and admission to the university" students will learn about the Catalan university system and the procedures for entry and admission to the university. It is the perfect opportunity to learn about the structure of the university entrance exams (PAU) and other information of interest such as enrolment and procedures.


"Online marketing in the company" is a seminar in which students will learn about the digital world from a more professional perspective. They will also work on the Personal Branding concept and how to take advantage of marketing tools to enhance their personal brand in the digital environment and social networks.


The sports industry encompasses much more than competitions. In the seminar "Sport and business, a career that will last" students will learn about the impact that sports companies have on the economy and the importance of the presence and impact of the sports sector in the digital world.


“Bring out the creative inside you!” is a seminar in which students will learn what creativity is and will participate in a group dynamic in which they will learn about being creative, understanding the strong and weak points that any creative person has and will learn how to manage them.


Although many people do not know it, our signature is an x-ray of our personality. In the seminar "Good handwriting and a good life: graphology to overcome personnel selections" students will discover how to improve their personality through Neuro-Calligraphic Programming, and thus ensure that their candidacy is not rejected in an elementary graphological analysis.


In the seminar "Neuromarketing: the power of emotions" students discover, through neuroscience, the influence that emotions have on our decision-making and how companies are capable of developing sales and advertising strategies in light of this scientific evidence.


"Key factors to be successful with a start-up" is a seminar in which students will have an approach to the world of entrepreneurship. They will learn what a start-up is, the profile and skills of entrepreneurs, and the basic pillars for an emerging company to work and be investable.


In the seminar "Introduction to sporting events" students will learn the concept and figure of the Project Manager through examples and real cases on the management of projects linked to the sports world.

They will also understand the importance of sporting events and their socioeconomic impact on society.


New technologies are revolutionizing the world of sports. In the seminar "New technologies applied to the sports sector" students will analyse the evolution and future of new technologies applied to the sports industry and learn, through success stories, practical examples of R&D&I and wearable technology.


"Health Business: health and lifestyle as a professional project" is a seminar that deals with the physiological repercussions of everyday situations with high levels of stress and anxiety, as well as bad habits.
Students will get to know the three pillars of health and healthy habits and will learn to detect the needs of each person, as well as their motivations and what they can do to help them as future professionals in the sports industry sector.


Sports management is a concept with a broad dimension, and unknown to many people. In the seminar "Sport Management, a profession with a long-term future" students will learn about different sports management models, both public and private, applied to sectors within the world of sports.


There has always been the eternal debate about whether a leader is born or made. In the “Lead your success” seminar, students will understand what success consists of, both personally and professionally, and they will know the factors and strategies that influence being a successful person.


We all have a gift and a vocation, although often we don't realize it. In the “Discover your gift” seminar, students will learn the keys to discovering and managing their talent and learning how to make a living from it.


In the seminar "Kinesiology and biomechanics: physics applied to body movement" students will learn and understand the biomechanical functioning of the human body through practical examples. During the session, students will discover what career opportunities exist related to science, biomechanics, physiology and kinesiology within the sports industry.