University Admissions Process: University Degrees





Vocational training qualification, Transfer of previous studies,



• Making the payment of 600€ (to be deducted from the total tuition fees), you can make your reservation at Euncet Business School, to help you make your pre-registration  in the degree,subject to passing the university admission test or other acess conditions.










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The admission process for ecah academic year, starts in September and remains open until the number of places available for each degree is full. We recommend starting the admission process as soon as possible so that you don’t miss out your place.

Discover the phases you must follow to be one step closer to the you that you aspire to be with Euncet Business School. Improve and boost your professional profile with our university degrees and become the candidate that all companies are looking for. Choose between our in-person and blended degrees in Business Administration and Management, Marketing and Digital Communication or in Sciences and Technologies Applied to Sport and Fitness and be part of the Euncet community.

If you start your admission process as soon as possible you can benefit from the best economic conditions. Request more information at

Degrees 2022: your university life starts here

Do you finish your high school studies this year and want to go to university? Have you done a CGFS and want to take a leap in your professional career with one of our university degrees? Do you want to start a degree with a university degree but do you think that it is incompatible with your job? At Euncet Business School we are committed to talent with our offer of university degrees in management, marketing and digital communication and technology and sports.

Our official degrees have an official degree from the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya and our 40-year experience building future business leaders. Based on the learning-by-doing methodology, our degree program is 100% oriented towards the employability of our students. In addition, our university courses are designed to meet the new needs of the labour market with a flexible teaching guide that is adaptable to new trends. 

At Euncet Business School we want you to achieve all your goals. With our university degree program you will boost your professional career thanks to our comprehensive study guides. In addition, you will be able to study part of the degree abroad with our mobility programs and participate in the different conferences and events that take place during the year on our campuses. 

Discover our Professional Careers service with which you can demonstrate everything you learned during your academic training thanks to the help program for students and Alumni for their job placement. You will always have a program of advice and professional intermediation so that nothing prevents you from becoming everything you aspire to. 


Admission for university degrees: steps to follow

To access the university and be part of the Euncet community, you must take into account the steps of the admission process.

  1. Information request. Contact our admissions team so that they can provide you with the information brochures and personally resolve any questions or concerns you may have about our university studies.
  2. Personal interview. Once you decide which university degree to take, the Euncet Business School team will contact you to get to know your profile in depth and assess your candidacy. In addition, attending one of our campuses in person will serve as your first contact with our university centre, as well as with our facilities.
  3. Admission application. In order for you to be part of the Euncet community, you must provide us with your application for admission, attaching the completed admission form and a photocopy of both sides of your DNI. In the case of having applied for one of the scholarships included in our financial aid program, you must also attach the documentation that proves it.
  4. Documentation and validation study. In this phase, you will be able to send us all the information and documentation necessary to carry out the file transfer, if you come from a CFGS or another university centre.
  5. Reserve a spot. Places are limited, so we recommend that you speed up the previous phases of the admission process as much as you can. To ensure your study with Euncet Business School you must make a payment of €600 as a deposit. This price will be discounted at the end of the total registration fee. This procedure will allow you to make a reservation at Euncet Business School with which to guarantee your place in the degree, while waiting to pass the selectivity or other access requirements, such as meeting the cut-off mark to access university degrees.
  6. University pre-registration. This phase formalises your university enrolment in Euncet Business School degrees. You must check the registration deadlines, allocation of places and registration date, as well as indicate the degrees you wish to access in order of preference (Query gencat). 
    Students who do not register on the corresponding dates will lose their spot. For queries related to assignments, you should contact the Generalitat de Catalunya University Access Office: Accesnet.
  7. Enrolment. Once verified that you meet the requirements for access to our university degrees, the Academic Management team will contact you to formalize enrolment in our centre. 

The college admission interview

The university interview is one of the admission processes for the academic year for university degrees. With these interviews, the Euncet Business School Admissions team can assess candidates by detecting their aptitudes, qualities and preferences in order to guide them towards the programs that best fit their profile and complement their professional needs and concerns.



Consult your doubts about the admission process

Pre-registration at the university is an administrative process that requires a series of requirements. If during the admission process you have doubts about any of the steps to follow, or if otherwise your situation changes, remember that our Admissions team is available to you.

You can contact them by email at and there they will guide you and solve any question.