Press release

High Net Worth Institute and Euncet Business School launch innovative PhD in Business Administration in Shanghai

The two-and-a-half-year program is taught in Minhang District and is designed from a holistic approach to respond to today's business needs.

With the maxim of elevating entrepreneurship on an international scale, Euncet Business School has launched together with the High Net Worth Institute a Doctor of Business Administration (DBA program).

This new degree, aimed at professionals who aspire to senior management positions or who carry out business research, is the result of the commitment, shared by both institutions, to provide professional talent with a solid foundation in the theory of business management from an international and comprehensive perspective that provides the ability to provide innovative solutions to complex challenges.

Lasting two and a half years and taught in hybrid mode, the DBA program has a curriculum that combines theoretical knowledge with practical applications for participants to acquire advanced business knowledge, while making valuable connections and the skills necessary to face today's dynamic business landscape.

Its comprehensive approach, in addition to providing knowledge of the applications of economics in various fields such as finance, health economics and environmental economics, also develops creativity, recognition of opportunities and risk-taking.

With this new alliance, Euncet Business School expands its international expansion plan in Asia by creating synergies with the High Net Worth Institute, a prestigious institute founded in 2016 and which created in 2020 the Private Economy Research Center in collaboration with the Shaghai Advance Institute of Finance.