Euncet Business School expands its network of contacts with international universities by traveling to China


Following the expansion plan, representatives of Euncet Business School have conducted institutional visits to establish future collaborations with the Asian giant.


From October 27 to November 9, representatives of Euncet Business School undertook a strategic trip to China, as an integral part of the university center's international expansion strategy. The goal was to establish academic and professional connections and explore educational opportunities in this new market.

Active participation in the China Educations Expo, held on October 27 and 28, marked the beginning of this experience. During this event, the representatives met with Juan José Buitrago de Benito, the Consul General of Spain in Beijing.

The agenda included visits to the Spanish Institute of Foreign Trade, the Education Department of China, the Cervantes Institute, as well as Jian Qiao University, Jiangnan University and the University of Electronic Science and Technology of China.

These meetings provided opportunities to explore potential collaborations, joint programs, and strengthen the business school's presence in key academic areas in the Chinese market.