Euncet Business School takes a further step towards sustainability with the installation of a self-consumption photovoltaic solar energy system

Over 200 photovoltaic modules have been installed on the Terrassa Campus to reduce the carbon footprint generated by the center's activities.

In its commitment to sustainability and the environment, Euncet Business School has progressed in reducing its carbon footprint by implementing an advanced self-consumption photovoltaic solar system with surplus compensation at the facilities of the Terrassa Campus.

This innovative project, composed of 218 photovoltaic modules, demonstrates the university's dedication to actively contribute to the fight against climate change and significantly improve its energy efficiency. It is estimated that the implementation of this system will allow Euncet Business School to reduce its annual CO2 emissions by 36.6 tons, equivalent to the neutralizing impact of 732 trees.

Regarding energy production, it is expected that the 218 photovoltaic modules will annually generate 126,961 kWh of net energy, thus contributing to the energy autonomy of the campus. The installation of the photovoltaic solar system will result in an estimated annual net savings of over 16,000 euros, which will be reinvested in improving the efficiency of the rest of the campus facilities, as already done with the renovation of the closures of more than 200 windows and doors on the campus.


All these actions are key elements within the comprehensive plan of renovation and efficiency of Euncet Business School, thus reinforcing the commitment of the center to sustainability and the preservation of the environment.