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Discover the steps you must follow to achieve your goal with Euncet Business School. If you want to be part of a new executive generation know the steps you must follow to be part of our posgraduate and master's degrees which are totally practical and innovative so you can face the present and future challenges of the world of business.

We are looking for professionals who are committed to change, innovation and being part of the future. It is in your hands to be passive or to be part of the change. We offer two calls per year (March and November) to start the admission process to our executive education. If you start your admission process as soon as possible, you can benefit from the best financial conditions and take the first step towards a new future! For more information, please contact

The first step to professional development

At Euncet Business School, we have been training leaders for more than 40 years. The goal of our programmes has always been to build the future of our students and to support companies.

Our Executive Master Education is the first step for you to make the leap in your professional career. Now, more than ever, you must be prepared to face any disruptive and changing situation. Studying an executive master's degree will contribute to your professional development and strengthen your managerial skills to make a difference in future challenges.

Our executive programmes are designed for managers or qualified professionals to take a step further in their professional life and improve their career through updated programmes and with contents that are 100% transferable to the workplace. This is the moment to invest in your future and to show your talent and potential. Take your career to the next level with our training and be a transformational leader!

Admission to executive masters: the steps to follow

The first step to access our programmes is to start the admission process. To do this, you must request information in one of our Executive posgraduate or master's degrees programmes.

Once our admissions team receives your application, they will arrange a personal interview to get to know your profile in depth and advise you on the programme that best suits your needs and interests.

Then, we will proceed with your application for admission. You will need to send us the necessary documents to be able to study your application: curriculum vitae, passport photo, ID card and academic qualification, if any.

Once our team has all the required documents, the Admissions Committee will evaluate your application. After their decision, you will receive an Admission letter confirming the resolution (positive or negative) of the Admission Process.

If your application is approved, you will be able to start the enrolment by paying the corresponding reservation fee for the programme chosen.

Economical benefits of an early admission

At Euncet Business School we are committed to offering quality training that is accessible to everyone. That is why we have adapted our scholarship and grant programme to the needs of our future students.

Although our executive training programmes have a call for applications in March and another in November, candidates can apply whenever they want. To make sure you don't miss out, we recommend that you apply as soon as possible. If you register in advance, you will be able to pay for the training in instalments.

For first semester programmes, which start in October/November, the admission period begins in January and ends in October. And, for second semester programmes, which start in March/April, the admission period starts in October and ends in March.

Do you have any doubt regarding the admission process?

Our admission advisors will guide you through the entire admission process. For more information please contact: