Postgraduate in Innovation

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Start: 18/10/2024

Duration: 6 months

Modality Online: At your own pace

Campus: Online

Language: English | Spanish

Credits: 30 ECTS

Digitalization and new technologies are having a disruptive effect on the daily life of companies, which has caused every organization to have to define its business model from an innovative and updated perspective. Because of this, traditional companies have been forced to initiate innovation and digital transformation processes.

The Postgraduate in Innovation at Euncet Business School will provide you with the management skills and practical knowledge necessary to implement innovation projects in any sector or company. Managers who seek to reinvent their business processes will also find in this training the necessary tools to make their goods and services more competitive.

The postgraduate study plan delves into the essential methodologies and tools to undertake and develop new business models, applying agile methodologies and lean methodologies.

Postgraduate in Innovation. Own degree recognized by the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC).






3.000 € (Launch price: 1.200 €)

Program of the Postgraduate in Innovation

The Postgraduate in Innovation is a program designed for executives that prepare professionals with the managerial potential to understand and integrate the concept of innovation into the business model from an updated and comprehensive perspective.

The program focuses on providing knowledge of the key aspects of innovation, technology, and entrepreneurship from a theoretical-practical vision, addressing three fundamental aspects:

  • Strategic aspect of business innovation to understand new competitive dynamics and business models by analyzing the relationship between innovation, disruption, and entrepreneurship.
  • Entrepreneurial aspect, which focuses on conceptual frameworks and growth strategies in the field of creating and managing new business projects.
  • Technological aspect and, more specifically, exponential digital-based technologies: based on this factor, subjects aim to understand the impact of disruptive innovation caused by new technologies and the importance of business digitization.
  • Innovation methodologies
  • Design thinking: empathize, define, ideate, and prototype
  • Innovation management: identification of challenges and portfolio management
  • Agile methodologies: Scrum, Kanban, and Lean
  • Product management: instrumentation, roadmaps, and post-mortem analysis
  • Digital paradigm: impact on traditional businesses
  • Digitalization
  • Artificial intelligence tools
  • Technological trends
  • Protection of information in companies
  • Security in advanced technologies and cybersecurity
  • Business intelligence 
  • Key elements to create a startup
  • Growth and financing of a startup
  • Social and ethical entrepreneurship
  • Platform economies: design, monetization, and strategies

The Postgraduate in Innovation is aimed at the following profiles:

  • University graduates with professional experience who want to expand their knowledge in the field of innovation and entrepreneurship.
  • Professionals in different areas who want to understand the new competitive environment.
  • Professionals with managerial potential who seek to boost their professional careers and take on positions with more responsibility.
  • Managers of small companies who see technological innovations as an opportunity to grow.


Director of the Postgraduate Program in Innovation
Director of the Executive Education
Executive Education Manager



The Postgraduate in Innovation will provide you with the necessary skills to be able to lead innovation in different business processes, as well as identify market opportunities to start new businesses. In addition, you will acquire the skills to implement an innovation or entrepreneurship project.

Graduates of this postgraduate degree will be able to assume roles such as:


  •  Innovation Manager or Creative
  • Change Manager
  • Innovation Specialist
  • Entrepreneur

  • Entrepreneurship Consultant
  • Design Thinking Consultant
  • CEO or Founder
  • Jobs in the fields of Innovation, Entrepreneurship, and New Technologies.

Why study the Postgraduate in Innovation?     

It focuses on understanding the importance, key aspects, and methodologies of innovation in the business environment, as well as using artificial intelligence tools in the different departments of a company.
Entrepreneurship and leadership
It facilitates the understanding of the creation and development process of a startup, from the generation of ideas to the growth phase. In addition, it provides knowledge of the fundamentals of entrepreneurship, along with the development of necessary leadership skills.
The Theoretical-practical vision of business innovation
The Postgraduate in Innovation searches is designed to consolidate a theoretical-practical vision of the conceptualization and innovation management of companies and professionals, addressing three different aspects: strategy, entrepreneurship, and technology.
The Postgraduate in Innovation allows is organized so that you can obtain the knowledge of the different subjects whenever and wherever you want and be able to put it into practice. Likewise, you have a long period to overcome the academic challenges and the evaluation of the program, making it easier for you to organize your study time.
Updated approach
Each of the subjects has is linked to a streaming masterclass to learn about current topics or key aspects that impact the business world.
Innovative virtual training experience
An innovative virtual learning experience to share, discuss, and develop your potential. The virtual program offers a flexible and progressive study plan that allows you to choose your learning pace and boost your academic and professional career.
Prestigious teachers
Teachers with recognized academic and professional careers linked to the business world who are experts in their area.
Euncet Expertise
+40 years of training professionals and managers in management, innovation, and new technologies.

Georgina Navarro

Executive Education Advisor

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