Executive Master's Degree In Organic Leadership And Personal and Business Development

Programa details

Start: 30/09/2023

Duration: 12 months

Modality Online: Saturdays

Campus: Online

Language: Spanish

The Executive Master's Degree in Organic Leadership & Personal and Business Development will allow you to develop your own ways of thinking, promote creative training and promote prototyping actions so that you are the transforming element of the teams you lead, of the organization in which you carry out your professional work and of the company to which you belong.

Master's Degree in Organic Leadership and Personal and Business Development from Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC)






60 (250 hours)

Credit unit fee:

180 €


10.800 €


With the Executive Master's Program In Management And Personal and Business Development you will obtain the degree you need to promote your professional career. You will learn to lead high-performance teams thanks to the new management skills you will acquire. You will provide a global and differential vision in terms of team management and you will become a potential asset for your company.

At Euncet, we offer you practical and advanced content, connected to current affairs. We provide you with critical and different thinking, as well as a global and international vision.


In the Executive Master's Degree in Organic Leadership and Personal and Business Development you will learn the key factors of change in a global environment, you will acquire new leadership tools and you will learn about the organic model of project management and management of High Performance teams. You will learn new conflict resolution and mediation techniques, taking into account the profiles of your team members and their professional experience. 

Thanks to the Executive Master's Degree in Organic Leadership and Personal and Business Development at Euncet Business School, you will know how to identify the qualities and professional profile of each of the members that make up your work team, in order to determine a way of communicating, and transform that communication into a constructive dialogue. You will acquire managerial skills and new communication techniques that will allow you to manage your team on a personal and professional level and to think and lead strategically to achieve objectives.

This master's degree will allow you to evaluate your team and help them in their personal development by learning new projection techniques and professional guidance that enhance emotional intelligence and focus on the human being and all their potential. 

Study plan

The Postgraduate Degree in Organic Leadership offers those responsible for leading organizations and their teams with an innovative approach that will allow them to manage identity and strategic aspects, relationships between people, for production, administrative and/or communicative processes and resources in its broadest concept. In this way, they will be able to generate dynamics that overcome the current challenges of human development and economic and environmental sustainability, guiding their "participatory role" in the company to which they belong.


  • Factors of Change and Overcoming Resistance.
  • Self-Awareness and Appreciative Communication
  • Conflict Resolution Techniques
  • The Organic Model and Development Strategies.
  • Teamwork

Executive Education Final Project

The Executive Education Final Project is the opportunity to integrate the knowledge acquired during the different subjects and the skills developed in the postgraduate courses. In this sense, the new Final Project will not imply the realization of a new additional job but will be evaluated from the sum of the different Final Projects of each one of the postgraduate courses. In this way, students develop their projects throughout all postgraduate courses and thus implement the knowledge acquired.

At the proposal of the respective directorates of the program and in accordance with the provisions of the study plan of each program, it is up to the EME Postgraduate Final Project Committee to approve the typologies and specific thematic lines of the projects.

Once all the final postgraduate projects have been passed, the students will be able to process the issuance of the title corresponding to the Master's degree in which they are enrolled.

Executive Education Final Project Regulations


2023-24 Academic Year

Academic Calendar  

Methodology details

We know that learning is much more effective when the student stops being a passive subject and becomes an active and interactive subject in the knowledge transfer process. Due to this, the teaching methodologies of our programs are based on real case studies, in which we can learn while we analyse in depth the exposed cases and draw conclusions; in business simulators, masterclasses and workshops, which will allow you to acquire current and practical knowledge, and expand your networking; and finally, in role-playing games.

Our postgraduate and master's degree programs are based on a competency assessment model, in which the progress of the students in achieving the objectives set out in the study program is assessed. Our system is based on the reflection and analysis of practical and real cases and the training ends with a business project that reflects everything learned by the student during their training at Euncet Business School.


Executive Education Director
Director of Academic Projects at Personal and Business Development and Organic Actions International Centre



The Executive Master's Degree in Organic Leadership and Personal and Business Development from the Euncet Business School prepares you with the management skills and abilities necessary for personal development and the development of your work team. 

This Master's Degree is focused on a professional profile with managerial responsibilities. In it we focus on the potential of human beings and their environment, which is why it prepares you to manage your team effectively and develop communication techniques, where the main axis is a constructive dialogue.

Thanks to the professional guidance provided by the master's degree, you will be able to promote your professional career together with your team in a global environment.  In this master's degree we will work on personal knowledge and that of your environment in order to diagnose and prevent conflicting communicative situations, we will apply measures to harmonise and transform unwanted situations. Learn to be a good leader and work as a team, aligning individual commitment, with the collective and that of the organization.


Why study an Executive Master's Degree at Euncet?

You can configure your master's study itinerary with our postgraduate courses according to your professional needs.
Professional growth
Our postgraduate and master's degrees will help you develop skills and competencies to boost your professional success.
Teaching excellence
Professors with recognized academic and professional experience, linked to leading companies in their sector.
Through our training you will learn the latest and best practices, thanks to our close business relationships.
Small groups to facilitate the exchange of experiences and the creation of close relationships between classmates and teachers.
Transversal training
We put into practice the concepts learned in class through networking sessions, workshops and conferences.

Georgina Navarro

Executive Education Advisor

If you have any questions or queries, I will be happy to help you.