Admission and pre-enrollment process for university master's degree courses




To guarantee admission to the master's degree the following documents must be submitted to

University degree diploma, academic transcript of records, letter of motivation, Curriculum Vitae and Passport.










Doing the payment of 600€ (to be deducted from the total tuition fees), you can do a reservation in the university Euncet Business School, that guarantee a place in the degree, waiting to pass the selectividad or other ways of access.










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Find out what steps you must follow to boost your career with one of our official university master's degrees in Business Administration and Management, specializing in Strategic Management, and in Marketing Management, specializing in Strategic Communication. Stand out and differentiate your professional profile from the rest by betting on one of these two fields with the most job prospects on the market today.

Choose which call is best suited to your situation (October or March) and make a commitment to your future. If you start the admission process as soon as possible you can benefit from the best economic conditions. Request more information by emailing or contact our admissions team by phone at 935 47 60 66.

Live a transformative experience

Have you finished your university degree and are you thinking of pursuing a master's degree? Do you want to expand your training, but do not know what program to do? Do you want to live a transformative experience in Barcelona? Below, we explain the steps to follow to start your registration period for one of our official university master's degrees. Both our Master's Degree in Business Administration and Management (ADE) and the Master's Degree in Marketing Management (MKT) are university degrees adapted to the European Higher Education Area (EHEA). Take a turn in your professional career and specialize your profile in management or marketing. Your transformative experience starts here!

Admission for university master's degrees: steps to follow

To access our university master's degrees and be part of the Euncet community, you must take into account the specific requirements for access to the master’s degree:

  1. Information request. Once you have decided which university master's degree you want to take, you can request information from our advisers. They will provide you with information brochures and personally answer any questions you may have about the access requirements.
  2. Admission application. In order for you to be part of the Euncet community, you must provide us with your application for admission, attaching your university degree, academic certificate, CV, passport, and a motivational letter.
  3. Submit the documentation for the admission process. In this phase, you must send us all the information and documentation required to process the registration for the university master's degree. If you are in possession of a foreign degree or an official university degree, you must provide it to the Admissions team so that they can assess whether the requested requirements are being met. And, in the case of foreign studies, the declaration of equivalence will be made. In addition, you must attach your curriculum vitae, passport, your academic certificate and a letter of motivation.
  4. Skype interview. To learn more about your profile and the suitability of your application to our master's degrees, the Admissions team will call you for an interview through the Skype platform.
  5. Evaluation of the candidacy by the Admission Committee. Once your documentation and profile as a candidate is validated and verified, the Admission Committee will issue its assessment. You will receive an Admission letter confirming the resolution (positive or negative) of your admission process.
  6. Spot reservation. If the resolution is approved, you will be able to reserve your spot by paying a payment of €1,000 (to be deducted from the total registration fee). In this way, you will guarantee your spot in the university master's degree.
  7. Apply for a student visa. For those foreign students, the student visa application must be made. Our advisers will help in managing the process to facilitate and speed up the admission process to the university master's degree and meet the established deadlines.
  8. Enrolment. As a last step, after having passed the previous phases, the registration will be formalized.

What should your master's degree application include?

Remember that for your application for admission to the university master's degree to be valid, you must include a series of documents that serve to assess your candidacy.

You must provide a letter of motivation in which you state your interest in doing the university master's degree at Euncet Business School. In addition, you must also attach your curriculum vitae and, if you are a foreign student, you must also provide us with the foreign degree to make the declaration of equivalence and homologate the training.

Do you need more guidance?

If you want more information about our university master's degrees or about the steps to follow in the admission process, our team of advisers can help you.

Contact for more information.