Study in Euncet and discover Barcelona

Study at Euncet and discover Barcelona

We know that embarking on the adventure of studying abroad is not an easy decision, but we are sure that it is a life-changing experience.

If you decide to come to Spain to study at Euncet Business School, it will mean that you accept the challenge and that you are committed to our educational philosophy. In addition to discovering everything about one of the most cosmopolitan cities, Barcelona, you will be part of one of the leading university institutions, Euncet Business School. You will be able to choose from our wide range of accredited university programmes, with an official qualification from the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC).

You choose whether you want to study, a bachelor's degree in Business Administration or inManagement, Marketing and Digital Communication or in Science and Technology applied to Sport and Fitness, or a master's degree in Business Administration and Management or in Marketing Technologies. Discover our programmes and become the leader you aspire to be with Euncet Business School.

Acepta el reto y ¡forma parte de la comunidad Euncet!

Are you ready to live an international internship?

If you have come this far, it is because now is your opportunity. Invest in yourself and your future by living a transformative experience in Barcelona, Spain. Get out of your comfort zone and face the challenge of changing your country, your environment, and your routine.

Live your international experience with Euncet Business School. You will always be accompanied by our international mobility team for any procedures or requests you may need to make.

If you live in a country outside the European Union, you must consider the following procedures for your stay in Spain.


Depending on the country of origin, the process of legalization of the documentation issued abroad follows different steps. Only for documents issued by Member States of the European Union or signatories to the Agreement on the European Economic Area, it will not be required to legalize documents.

For more information about the procedures and documents that foreign students need to submit to study in Spain, you can click on the following link.


If you are a non-European student, you will need to apply for a study visa before coming. In this link You will find information on the steps you must follow to obtain the required permits. Once you are in Spain, to be able to reside, you must register in the city of residence and request the Foreigner Identity Number (NIE). For more information, you can click on the following link.


All foreign students who come to carry out a training stay at a Catalan university must be covered by medical insurance. If the student is from outside the European Union, it is advisable to find out if there is a bilateral agreement between the social security of his country and that of Spain that allows him to have medical assistance. If not, she will have to take out private health insurance. For more information, you can click on the following link.


To live in Barcelona, ​​you will find many options. You can stay in hotels, hostels, residences or rent a flat or room, according to your preferences. If you need help, you can contact us.

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