Postgraduate in Executive Development

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    10/03/2023 @ 17/03/2023

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    4 months

The Postgraduate Degree in Executive Development provides the knowledge and practices that develop the necessary skills for the strategic and managerial management of companies, both on a day-to-day basis and in terms of situations of change or alterations in the economic and market situation.

Geared towards practice, the Postgraduate Degree in Executive Development satisfies the need to have a global vision of the company, of its main management areas and the interrelation between them. It is also very suitable for developing the managerial task, allowing participants to dialogue with specialists from each of the areas of management, diagnosis and minimizing the risks of decision-making from the security of knowledge.

Posgrado en Desarrollo Directivo

Postgraduate in Executive Development from the Polytechnic University of Catalonia

Postgraduate in Executive Development from Euncet Business School.



Postgraduate in Executive Development from the Polytechnic University of Catalonia

Starting Date:

Barcelona: March 10, 2023

Terrassa: March 17, 2023

Next calls:

Barcelona: November 2023

Terrassa: November 2023


20 per campus


25 (125 horas)




5.200 €




The Postgraduate in Executive Development is aimed at:

  • Executives and active professionals who assume or must assume in the future managerial functions in any of the areas of company management or other organizations and who require training or updating in the knowledge and techniques of business management and administration.



Engineering 38%
Business Administration 36%
Marketing 4%
International commerce 4%
Finance and Economics 4%
Law 2%
Others 12%

Company position

Operations 22%
Administration 22%
Commercial & Marketing 20%
Engineering 20%
Management 16%

Median age

34,5 years old

Students Satisfaction

9,18 / 10



The Euncet Business School Postgraduate Diploma in Management Development fosters your capacity and personal and professional development in the general management of the organization. With the management program you will be able to obtain a global vision of the company, acquiring knowledge in management and business administration, consolidating yourself within your organization, assuming new responsibilities and encouraging your strategic thinking.

Make the right decisions and strengthen your leadership by leading committed and motivated teams, working on skills such as emotional intelligence.

Boost your professional career, update your knowledge and improve your management skills with the Postgraduate Diploma in Management Development. Thanks to the Euncet Business School modular system you can obtain an MBA or an Executive Master's Degree in Leadership & Management and become the profile that your company is looking for.

¿Why study the Postgraduate Program in Executive Development at Euncet??

  • Knowledge
    Provide practical, useful and fully up-to-date knowledge on business management from a general point of view, but with attention to the specificities of each of the areas.
  • Managerial function
    Train participants to exercise the managerial function in complex and uncertain environments.

  • Management techniques
    Implement a strategic approach to work with a systematic method in the different lines of activity of the company, aligning its objectives.

  • Leadership
    Generate spaces for consideration and weighting regarding the leadership of the new business paradigms and those that they impact.

  • Prestigious Instructors
    Teachers with recognized academic and professional careers, linked to the business world.

  • Euncet Expertise
    40 years training professionals and managers in management, innovation and new technologies.



The Postgraduate Degree in Executive Development is a modular training program that enhances your skills and competencies in management and business administration. With this management program you will be able to develop knowledge, strategies and leadership tools, and carry out an action plan that is aligned with the objectives and results of the company.

You will gain knowledge of all areas of the company, developing a global point of view, gaining analytical skills and influence. Acquire critical and strategic thinking that allows you to make decisions.

With this program you will also enhance your personal development and work on skills such as emotional intelligence to lead High Performance teams, thus training you to identify and develop talent through motivating challenges.

You will learn to interpret financial information, keep budget control and perform financial and economic analysis, as well as manage the marketing and sales area. You will also design, plan and manage a strategic plan, develop programs and budgets, optimize processes, and gain knowledge in management, leadership, operations, marketing, finance and sales.

Discover the Executive Program in Executive Development, assume new responsibilities, acquire the skills and knowledge to run a company efficiently and consolidate yourself as a manager.

Study plan

Financial Analysis and Management Control

  • Contemplate the financial functions from an operational and practical vision.
  • Identify the key variables that affect business decisions from the financial aspect.
  • Analyze practical cases in which the planning and interpretation of financial information is key.
  • Define, interpret and analyse the economic and financial statements of a company.
  • Define the structure of the cost system.
  • Direct the management control process.
  • Carry out a careful control of deviations.
  • Manage the budget process and carry out effective reporting.


  • Financial strategy. Corporate Finance.
  • Analysis of the main financial statements.
  • Management Control
  • Investment projects selection and evaluation.
  • Financing.

Teaching guide

Strategic Direction

  • Identify, define, implement, manage, measure and correct a competitive strategy.
  • Understand and practice the usual dynamics in entrepreneurship processes.
  • Apply the Lean Innovation Model as a source of sustainable competitive advantages.


  • Entrepreneurship and strategic definition.
  • How to create sustainable strategic advantages.

Teaching guide

Marketing, Commercial Management and Internationalization

  • Determine a value proposition appreciated by the customer and effectively develop a marketing plan
  • Determine what are the conditioning aspects of this global economy.
  • Reflect on those critical business aspects to keep in mind in internationalization.
  • Develop a broad vision and a framework of understanding of the various elements that make up business relations at the international level.
  • Know those concepts of digital marketing that a company manager must master.
  • Establish a point of reference so that companies and professionals can carry out their internationalization plan, especially small and medium-sized companies.


  • Strategic and operational marketing.
  • Business management.
  • Internationalization.
  • Digital marketing.

Teaching guide

Operations and Supply Chain Management

  • Provide students with a comprehensive perspective of the main aspects managed within the supply chain and operations, both from the strategic and operational aspects.
  • Show what it means and what advantages a comprehensive management system entails.
  • Present an integrated planning model with a demand forecast to support supply chain needs.
  • Understand the risks in the introduction of an innovative product in the market.
  • Teach production and logistics management techniques and tools.
  • Provide the student with a global vision of the role and fundamentals of the purchasing area.
  • Understand the responsibilities from the management function in relation to occupational safety.
  • Understand what industry 4.0 or logistics 4.0 means


  • Management of operations.
  • Supply chain management.
  • Business Partnership, support functions.
  • Role Play.

Teaching guide

People Management in Organization and Legal Framework

  • Understand the type of organizational structures from the point of view of a Human Resources system.
  • Know what elements come together in an HR administration system.
  • Know and be able to identify the main legal risks present within organizations, as well as the liability regime that they may incur in their capacity as director of an organization.


  • Human Resources Policy
  • Human Resources administration system
  • Legal framework.

Teaching guide

Business Models & Project Management

  • Understand, identify, plan and manage a program and portfolio of projects.
  • Create a business plan.
  • Present and defend said business plan in front of any audience.


  • Project Management
  • Business Models

Teaching guide

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  • Postgraduate Director In Executive Development
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  • Executive Education Manager
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Executive modular education

We have implemented the modular training model in order to offer you the option of studying postgraduate and master's degrees tailored to your needs, thus developing the specific job skills of your interest progressively according to the objectives set and the results obtained in your educational process.

How to obtain an EXECUTIVE master's degree?

Once you have completed your Executive Development Post-graduate, you will be able to continue your professional training and complete one of the following master's degrees:

Executive MBA - Master in Business Administration

Executive Master in Management & Leadership

Postgraduate in
Executive Development