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At Euncet Business School we know in depth the importance of developing professional training in the modality that is best for each person. Recent years have shown us that online education is just as valuable as on-site. That is why we offer you different online study programs as an educational innovation that will take your professional career to the highest level.

Online training is ideal for professionals looking for a master's degree that opens up new opportunities in today's competitive job market. You will be able to reconcile your work days with online classes and the virtual campus will bring you closer to training than you ever imagined.

Discover all our options and study an online master's degree at Euncet and expand your job opportunities.



Euncet Business School's online master's degrees were born with the aim of being able to respond to the new needs facing markets after the digital transformation and how this new ecosystem is transforming the habits and interests of society.

These programs have been designed so that anyone interested in training can do so from any place and time without on-site being an impediment.

All our online training offers, including both master's degrees and postgraduate courses, addresses concerns and new trends as a result of technological advances and the new opportunities presented today.

Online programs are structured in blocks and all the content and workload is designed so that students can reconcile their lives with training at their own pace and achieving their goals.


Online Master in Cybersecurity

The master's degree in Information Security and Technological Risk Management, also known as the online master's degree in Cybersecurity , is the result of the alliance between Euncet Business School and PwC Spain, one of the Big Four professional services firms that has a long history and international reputation.

This online program aims to address the current challenges and challenges resulting from the hyperconnectivity in which we live and trains students to become professionals who deal with cyber attacks and other aspects of technological risk, as well as specialists in innovative trends, such as the blockchain, the cloud and the Internet of Things (IoT).


Online Master in Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Family Business

The Executive Master's Degree in Ownership and Value Creation, focused on Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Family Businesses, has been created together with CEDEM (Centre for Entrepreneurial Dueñez (Ownership). This online program is action-oriented from Entrepreneurial Dueñez (Ownership), with a personalized coaching system that accompanies participants to apply what they have learned from the first session.

Ownership is the exercise of leadership at the top of the organization, considered as an instance of governance above management. Whether as a successor, director, owner, director or manager, it is essential to be aware of the importance of detecting opportunities and anticipating the competition, adding value to each strategic move without losing sight of the horizon that will guide the company.

Online Master in eSports Management

The online master's degree in Global eSports Management or online master's degree in eSports Management is an official degree from the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC) and is the first course in the world that has the official WESCO (World Esport Consortium) certificate.

The content of this online master's degree is organised into six blocks that correspond to the actors that participate in this ecosystem: Publishers, Promoters, Teams, Distribution Platforms, Brands and Audiences.

It is estimated that in ten years eSports will exceed the number of events, spectators and final income such as the Super Bowl or the Champions League of soccer. Betting on studies in eSports is synonymous with future projection in a market that is still growing, but with great potential to revolutionize the sports industry and society.