Online Executive Master's Degree in Innovation and Entrepreneurship in the Family Business

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    Barcelona: Friday 4:00 p.m. - 8:00 p.m. @ Mexico: Friday 9:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.

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    10 months



The Executive Master's Degree in Ownership and Value Creation, also known as the Executive Master's Degree in Innovation and Entrepreneurship in the Family Business, is perfect for those profiles who see that good owners are due to their will and have the duty to revamp using innovation and entrepreneurship, acting with Dueñez (Ownership) and Creating Value. 

This program focuses on the process of acquiring the necessary knowledge for succession and the Next Generation in family businesses, that is, the commitment to training to promote family entrepreneurship and the continuity of the company.

The master's degree combines the development of skills that ensures the constancy of the Family Business, focusing on the importance of Value Creation and Management, methodologically applying the concept of Ownership developed by CEDEM, Centre for Entrepreneurial Dueñez (Ownership) and the experience of Euncet Business School in innovation and entrepreneurship issues.

Ownership is the exercise of leadership at the top of the organization, considered as an instance of governance above management. Whether as a successor, director, owner, director or manager, it is essential to be aware of the importance of detecting opportunities and anticipating the competition, adding value to each strategic move without losing sight of the horizon that will guide the company. 

Therefore, the virtual master's degree will enable you to participate in the most important decisions of growing companies, which focus on the management of strategic opportunities and risks and translate into the definition of the great moves of change to trigger the Creation of Value based on the benefits of innovation and entrepreneurship. In addition to this, the program is also oriented so that the owner is in sync at all times with the alignment of the entire organization.

The Executive Master's Degree in Innovation and Entrepreneurship in the Family Business combines the two main Euncet Business School postgraduate courses: Postgraduate in Value Management in Family Business and Postgraduate degree in Innovation and Entrepreneurship. The alliance between CEDEM and Euncet Business School makes this master's degree an action-oriented program, with a personalized Coaching system that accompanies participants to apply what they have learned from the first session.

CEDEM, Centre for Entrepreneurial Ownership, is an organization specialized in wealth generation. Decades of work with businesspeople and leaders from the Western Hemisphere have been synthesized in a methodology dedicated to identifying the value-creating power of their organizations and multiplying it and promoting institutionalization and innovation in family businesses. 

This master's degree is designed for all those who wish to be part of this select group of businesspeople and professionals who want to integrate into the work, into the responsibilities of the Owner's Role and into the importance of promoting the training of the successor in family businesses so as not to lose the essence of the business while adapting to new eras without losing its competitive advantage. 



The main objectives of the online master's degree are:

  • Training as a leader capable of managing your “area of responsibility” as if you were the owner and the life of the company depended on you.
  • The understanding of a family business's governance system and its dynamics around the creation of wealth and the construction of harmony among its members.
  • The development of the ability to evaluate, choose and manage opportunities for innovation and entrepreneurship.
  • Exercise in the design and implementation of projects that trigger value in your area of responsibility or in the company as a whole.
Online master's degree in innovation and entrepreneurship in the family business

Master's Degree in Ownership and Value Creation from the Polytechnic University of Catalonia




Online Master's Degree in Ownership and Value Creation by the Polytechnic University of Catalonia

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18 March 2022







Credit unit fee:

270 € / credit


16.200 â‚¬



The Executive Master's Degree in Ownership and Value Creation is aimed at people linked to or interested in exercising the Owner Role. Thus, the program focuses both on entrepreneurs who are founders or leaders of family businesses, as well as successors or members of business families who want to be trained to manage the economic value of their businesses. It can also be taken by executives who participate in the strategic decisions of their organization, professional managers of financial institutions with business decision-making power, members of Executive Boards or Boards of Directors of Family Businesses, as well as managers and branch directors who want to increase growth of their unit.



Construction/real estate
Logistics Services

Company position


Median age

37 years old



The Executive Master's Degree in Innovation and Entrepreneurship in the Family Business offered in partnership with Euncet Business School and CEDEM, Centre for Business Dueñez (Ownership), prepares participants to exercise or help to exercise the Owner Role more effectively.

In order to exercise this role, in addition to a series of knowledge, skills and attitudes, a mental posture that promotes the best and is oriented towards revamping all processes of Generation, Multiplication and Value Capture is required. The master's degree develops these fundamental skills regarding business activities.

Why study an Executive Master's Degree at Euncet?

  • Leadership
    Understanding of the role of corporate governance, its structures, leadership and the personal role to develop in the exercise of Business Dueñez (Ownership) (Owner Role).

  • Professional growth
    Our postgraduate and master's degrees will help you develop skills and competencies to boost your professional success.

  • Relevance
    Diagnosis and evaluation of opportunities for change. Focus on the big growth-triggering plays.

  • Projects
    Selection and implementation of Value Trigger Projects in their area of responsibility. 

  • Lecturers with business experience
    Consultants and entrepreneurs with successful careers in countless companies.

  • Pragmatism
    The entire program is oriented towards the practical application of learning, promoting the implementation of innovation and entrepreneurship projects.



The Executive Master's Degree in Innovation and Entrepreneurship in the Family Business from Euncet Business School and CEDEM , Centre for Business Dueñez (Ownership), is made up of different modular programs that allow you to obtain a master's degree from the sum of two postgraduate degrees. With the addition of the postgraduate degree in Value Management in Family Businesses and the postgraduate degree in Innovation and Entrepreneurship you will be able to obtain the Executive Master's Degree in Innovation and Entrepreneurship in the Family Business.

Thanks to the modular training offered by the Euncet Business School, you will be able to take the various postgraduate courses in a flexible way, adapting them to your needs and to the moment in which you find yourself professionally. Complete your studies and expand your networking with other professionals in the sector.

The program focuses on the areas of value creation and management, including finance, governance, strategy, innovation, entrepreneurship, and managerial and organizational skills. The program focuses on providing owners, directors, managers and board members with leadership positions the tools to incorporate the concept of Dueñez (ownership), creation and preservation of value from a more systematic and practical approach.

At Euncet Business School, we offer you practical and advanced content, connected to current affairs. We provide you with critical and different thinking, as well as a global and international vision.

Study Plan for the Master's Degree in Innovation in the Family Business

Estrategias de Creación de Valor

  • Conocer y comprender los principios, modelos y herramientas que correspondan al buen ejercicio de la Dueñez y a la Gestión del Valor.
  • Diferenciar las tareas que le corresponden al Dueño y al Gerente.
  • Desarrollar la capacidad para identificar áreas de oportunidad relevantes en el ámbito de la Creación de Valor.
  • Aprender como elegir áreas estratégicas de oportunidad y como convertirlas en Proyectos Detonadores de Valor.  


  • Dueñez Empresaria y Gestión del Valor.
  • Principios de Gestión del Valor.
  • Modelo de Creación del Valor.
  • Método de Gestión del Valor.

Guía docente

Enfoque Competitivo y Generación de Valor

  • Comprender y revisar la fertilidad de mercados actuales y potenciales y descubrir oportunidades de concentración y abandono de segmentos.
  • Analizar la posición competitiva del negocio en cada una de sus combinaciones Producto-Mercado y buscar caminos de diferenciación y liderazgo.
  • Entender cómo medir y evaluar el posicionamiento de la empresa, sus productos y marcas, y explorar medios para fortalecer la identidad y fuerza de su imagen.


  • Fertilización de Mercados.
  • Caminos de Diferenciación. 
  • Posicionamiento Competitivo.
  • Estrategia Competitiva.

Guía docente

Sinergia Organizacional y Multiplicación de Valor

  • Aprender a compartir con nuestro equipo un proyecto en común de crecimiento. Entender el proceso para crear una visión de largo, mediano y corto plazo junto con la gente clave y a comunicar esa visión al resto de la organización, despertando en ellos el compromiso por hacerla realidad.
  • Comprender como se arma Fórmula de Gobierno que asegure la capacidad de gestión que se requiere para la implementación de los proyectos estratégicos y que evolucione para responder a cada etapa de crecimiento de la organización. 
  • Analizar el diseño y manejo de los mecanismos de Ingeniería Patrimonial que faciliten el control del ejercicio de rol de dueño de parte de quienes tengan el talento para hacerlo. 
  • Profundizar en las dos grandes maneras de multiplicación: sinergia interna y sinergia externa. 


  • Querencia.
  • Fórmula de Gobierno.
  • Fórmula de Propiedad.
  • Sinergia Externa.

Guía docente

Alineación Estratégica y Captura de Valor

  • Analizar las implicaciones del proceso de alineación en el proyecto de crecimiento de la empresa.
  • Identificar caminos para reorientar los recursos de la organización hacia la estrategia de creación del valor y detonar el rendimiento de la operación.
  • Identificar y adecuar los indicadores y los sistemas de monitoreo e información de la organización a los aspectos de la Estrategia de Creación del Valor. 


  • Alineación de la Organización.
  • Alineación de los Recursos.
  • Alineación de la Información.

Guía docente

Dueñez Compartida en la Empresa Familiar

  • Reconocer la Dueñez como la más elevada esfera del poder dentro de la organización, y como el ámbito donde es crucial que la familia propietaria aprenda a manejarlo de forma colegiada.
  • Asimilar que la Gestión del Valor, tarea fundamental de la Dueñez, puede compartirse en la cima de la empresa familiar. Los miembros de la familia han de elegir quiénes son sus miembros más talentosos para hacerlo y ellos tienen que aprender a gestionarlo en equipo. 
  • Revisar las estructuras y liderazgos del sistema de gobierno en la empresa familiar y detectar sus condiciones de optimización. 
  • Comprender los caminos que cimientan el fondo del proceso de institucionalización de empresas familiares.


  • Introducción a la Dueñez Compartida.
  • Rol de Dueño y Gestión del Valor.
  • Gobernabilidad y liderazgo.
  • Institucionalización de la Dueñez Compartida.

Guía docente

Product Management & Growth Hacking

  • Entender claramente los roles de un Product Manager y del equipo de Growth dentro de una start-up, así como saber cuáles son las responsabilidades de cada uno y sus objetivos.
  • Conocer las competencias y capacidades necesarias para ejercer estos roles tan transversales y especializados.
  • Conocer las principales técnicas de gestión de un producto tecnológico.
  • Descubrir cómo incorporar la metodología Growth Hacking en tu empresa.


  • Product Management: El rol y la conceptualización de productos.
  • Product Management: Instrumentación, roadmaps y análisis postmortem.
  • Growth Hacking: Metodologia, framework y growth mindset.
  • Growth Hacking: Funnel AARR y proyectos growth hacking.

Guía docente

Lean & Agile Project Management

  • Capacidad para elegir y poner en marcha el método adecuado según el entorno del proyecto o de la actividad.
  • Realizar el seguimiento y la facilitación de un proyecto ágil, predictivo o híbrido.
  • Obtener técnicas de gestión del cambio y de facilitación de la transformación cultural ágil en entornos complejos.
  • Tener una visión general de diferentes enfoques en la gestión de proyectos aplicada a diferentes sectores e industrias.
  • Metodologías ágiles e híbridas.


  • Introducción al Project Management.
  • Organizaciones Exponenciales.
  • Manifesto Agile y Metodologías Ágiles.
  • Metodología Kanban, Scrum y Herramienta Agile.
  • Google como ejemplo de empresa ágil.

Guía docente

Competitive Disruption and Innovation

  • Aumentar la capacidad de análisis estratégico de entornos competitivos, caracterizando sus elementos esenciales desde un punto de vista de cliente y factores de competitividad.
  • Caracterizar la vulnerabilidad del modelo de negocio de la empresa frente a los procesos de cambio.
  • Aprender a reformular la estrategia global y general de la empresa desde una perspectiva de adaptación al cambio.
  • Conocer las palancas internas de la organización para sistematizar la innovación como respuesta organizativa a los procesos de cambio.
  • Comprensión del impacto de la tecnología en áreas de negocio de la empresa.


  • Ecosistemas de innovación.
  • Paradigma digital: impacto en negocios tradicionales.
  • Cambio en entornos competitivos.
  • Transformación digital de la empresa.

Guía docente

Intrapreneurship and Design Thinking

  • Entender y analizar el porqué de la importancia de la innovación en el sí de una organización y el contexto actual de cambio acelerado.
  • Profundizar en el desarrollo de programas de intraemprendimiento.
  • Comprender las vías más comunes de colaboración entre empresas establecidas y start-ups.
  • Conocer metodologías colaborativas y creativas vinculadas con la innovación como el Design Thinking.
  • Dominar metodologías orientadas a la iteración y cocreación en equipos y el uso de herramientas visuales para “aterrizar” ideas y modelar negocios.
  • Entender la dinámica del ecosistema emprendedor digital y tecnológico.
  • Conocer la metodología para la creación de una startup.
  • Entender las métricas fundamentales del negocio de las startups y los documentos esenciales para la búsqueda de financiación.


  • El ecosistema emprendedor.
  • Elementos clave para crear una start-up.
  • Crecimiento y financiación de una start-up.
  • Design Thinking: Empatizar y definir.
  • Design Thinking: Ideación, prototipado y testeo.

Guía docente

Technology Management and Innovation

  • Identificar las necesidades de negocio de una organización y cómo alinear una estrategia tecnológica para satisfacer esas necesidades.
  • Entender el proceso y contenidos de la planificación estratégica de SI/TI y disponer de una aproximación metodológica para ponerla en práctica dentro de la empresa.
  • Comprender la evolución y transformación de la función informática en la empresa, los factores que la han propiciado y las formas que adopta, tanto en lo que respecta al negocio como en lo referente a la relación con proveedores y socios.
  • Capacidad para reconocer las tendencias tecnológicas que pueden maximizar la estrategia competitiva de la organización. • Entender el diseño y la gestión de la arquitectura y las infraestructuras tecnológicas desde un punto de vista estratégico.
  • Entender el concepto de innovación y los modelos de negocio basados en la aplicación de las TIC.
  • Hacer casos de negocio que evalúen y justifiquen las inversiones en tecnología.
  • Conocer las diferentes opciones de financiación de la innovación, especialmente las que ponen a disposición de las empresas pública y privadas las instituciones internacionales y nacionales.
  • Dominar la gestión de la fiscalidad asociada a la innovación por las ventajas competitivas que aporta a las empresas.
  • Capacidad para desarrollar habilidades de motivación, liderazgo y gestión de equipos innovadores.
  • Desarrollar habilidades de liderazgo.
  • Motivar y gestionar equipos.
  • Reconocer las tendencias tecnológicas que pueden maximizar la estrategia competitiva de la organización.
  • Comunicarse eficazmente con los líderes empresariales sobre tecnología.


  • Economía de Plataformas: Plataformas, servicios y responsabilidad.
  • Economía de Plataformas: Arquitectura, formas de crear y monetizar.
  • Metodologías de Innovación.
  • Gestión de la innovación: Identificación de retos y gestión del portafolio.
  • Gestión de la innovación: Fiscalidad y financiación de la innovación.

Guía docente

Calendars and schedules

Executive Master's Degree in Innovation and Entrepreneurship in the Family Business

Class schedule:
•    Barcelona: Friday 4:00 p.m. - 8:00 p.m.
•    Mexico: Friday 9:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.


2022-23 Academic Year


Faculty of Executive Master's Degree in Innovation in the Family Business


  • Alfons Freixes i Puig
  • Director de Euncet Business School
  • Email
  • Carlos Dumois Núñez
  • Director del Máster en Innovación y Emprendimiento en la Empresa Familiar
  • Email
  • Enric Bayó
  • Co-director del Máster en Innovación y Emprendimiento en la Empresa Familiar
  • Email
  • Lorena Espinoza
  • Coordinadora del Máster en Innovación y Emprendimiento en la Empresa Familiar
  • Email


  • Dr. Eduardo Martínez
  • Email
  • Luis Miguel Álvarez
  • Email
  • María Estela Álvarez Máynez
  • Email
  • Javier Baquerizo Zambrano
  • Email
  • Enric Bayó
  • Email
  • Carlos Dumois Núñez
  • Email
  • Guillermo Estrada Carrancá
  • Email
  • Galia Marusia Gil Camacho
  • Email
  • Juan Carlos González
  • Email
  • Guillermo Gutíerrez Ramírez
  • Email
  • Emilio Huber Diaz
  • Email
  • Ubaldo Hervás
  • Email
  • Eva López Doval
  • Email
  • Patricio Morales Sada
  • Email
  • Alfonso Orozco Martínez
  • Email
  • David Nelson Orozco
  • Email
  • Paul Anthony Osorio Durán
  • Email
  • Alfonso Pompa Padilla
  • Anna Ripoll
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Methodology & Coaching

Methodology details

We are aware that learning is much more effective when the student interacts in the teaching process, which is why we have integrated an effective methodology for the transformation of companies aimed at maximizing value. All this, thanks to a teaching team with extensive experience in management positions in family businesses and in the administration of value generation, multiplication and capture processes.

The Executive Master's Degree in Innovation and Entrepreneurship in the Family Business from Euncet Business School is conceived of to be given virtually. The participants in this master's degree will have total flexibility for their training. Didactic contents can be followed by online streaming, according to the schedule marked depending on corresponding time zones.


During the program, each participant works with their coach, with their Advisory Council (four or five participants in each Council) in the following activities:

  • Synchronous online sessions.
  • Study of practical cases.
  • Discussion of experiential cases with businesspeople.
  • Individual and group coaching sessions.
  • Value Trigger Plays of your own company.
  • Short research projects to define your own position on business issues.
  • Solving specific business challenges.
  • Value Creation Project in your company

Coaching methodology

The methodology of the Online Postgraduate Course in Value Management in Family Businesses, one of the two postgraduate courses that make up the Executive Master's Degree in Innovation and Entrepreneurship in the Family Business, is based on a program designed to provide the student with personalised coaching throughout the academic year. Euncet Business School and CEDEM provides monitoring and feedback on individual and teamwork, which will allow its members to achieve the objectives set at the beginning of the course, achieving success with their family businesses or growing companies.

The CEDEM coaching team, the Centre for Entrepreneurial Dueñez (Ownership), has as its maxim to motivate to be proactive and to take action with agility. CEDEM experts will accompany participants during their learning and will provide them with the necessary tools to find and choose their best opportunities for action in the company.

The assigned coach will give you feedback so that your contribution to the team is productive and will channel your concerns to the program coordinators.

Academic Week in Barcelona

Master's Degree Academic Week in Innovation in the Family Business

2022-23 Academic Year

The academic week is a series of sessions that must be held on-site, from September 5-9 at the Euncet Business School Campus, located in Terrassa.

Attendees must travel to Barcelona (Spain) to complete their training. This activity is intended to enhance multicultural synergies by breaking down the barriers of distance that online training can entail. It is a great opportunity to value what has been learned by networking between students and the teaching team.  

Master's Thesis

Master's Thesis

The Master's Thesis will be based on the projects that you will carry out during the master's degree in each of the courses. At the end of the master's degree, you will have a portfolio of completed projects that make up your Thesis.