Master’s Degree in Marketing Management - specialising in Strategic Communication

Programa details

Start: 17/09/2024

Duration: 8 months

Modality On-Site: Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m.

Campus: Barcelona Can Dragó

Language: Spanish, English

Credits: 60

Euncet Business School's Master's Degree in Marketing Management is designed to train professionals who are marketing leaders in an organization from a global perspective, transcending cultural borders and incorporating the challenges of the digital economy.

From your position you will be able to respond to the dynamism of the market, the demands of digital transformation, and lead through cooperation and collaboration. Through a deep knowledge of organisations and the environment, participants will define coherent marketing projects according to the business objectives and focused on the interests of the stakeholders. They will also develop marketing strategies aimed at establishing a lasting relationship with customers, plans to improve contact points and brand value management.

Likewise, the Master's Degree in Marketing Management makes it possible for you to choose a specialization in Strategic Communication. The specialty in Strategic Communication aims to determine the keys to the design of conventional and digital marketing communication strategies integrated into a marketing plan, approaching communication from brands with an integrating perspective of tools and audiences to which it is addressed.

Master's degree in Marketing Management specializing in Strategic Communication from the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya

Knowledge area:

Social and legal sciences


17 October 2023


13 july 2024

Teaching hours:

225 teaching hours



New Entry Spot:



1 academic year


Spanish / English


12.720 €


The Master's Degree in Marketing Management program is designed to train new professionals in the field of strategic marketing and digital marketing. A program aimed at those students who want to develop their professional careers in the world of marketing.

This university degree is focused on training future leaders who will take advantage of changes and turn them into opportunities. The Master's Degree will help you set up a marketing plan with which you can establish different marketing strategies that help you position your products and/or services in a highly competitive market. 

In addition, marketing and sales should not work in isolation since both departments have a common goal: to satisfy consumer needs and create an emotional bond. For this reason, within this Master's Degree you will learn how to establish joint strategies based on the needs of the market and we will understand how companies should not focus their strategy on sales, but rather understand and learn about the wishes of our customers.

With the Master's Degree in Marketing Management from Euncet Business School, students will acquire the necessary tools and knowledge to manage a marketing department. This program will make it possible for you to analyse the marketing mix in order to make strategic decisions that drive your business towards success.

Distribution of credits

The Master's Degree in Marketing Management study plan is structured in two semesters. Each of them develops the skills and abilities necessary to consolidate your professional career in the field of marketing and communication management, and also allows you to acquire advanced knowledge in digital marketing and e-commerce to successfully tackle the digital economy.

In order to obtain the Master's Degree in Marketing Management, specializing in Strategic Communication, the following subjects must be taken:

Subject typeECTS
Master's thesis15
Total 60

Supplemental courses

Students who enter with any of the degrees indicated in the “Recommended entry profile” will generally not require taking supplemental training courses.

Other students who enter the master's degree with a different profile must take additional training courses.

These supplemental courses will vary between 0 and 30 ECTS, depending on the admission qualification and the previous academic skills of the student reflected in their particular academic record. The number and content of the credits to be taken will be determined by the Master's Degree Academic Committee.

Specifically, the following training supplements have been defined:

  • Business Organization and Administration I, 6 ECTS.

  • Statistics I, 6 ECTS.

  • Marketing Fundamentals, 6 ECTS.

  • Business Management I, 6 ECTS.

  • Business Organization and Administration II, 6 ECTS.

Study Plan In University Master's Degree In Marketing Management


Proceso de planificación comercial y de marketing en las organizaciones (cast./eng.)5
Investigación de mercados, gestión de la información y toma de decisiones (cast./eng.)5
Impacto financiero de las decisiones estratégicas (cast./eng.)5
Marketing en entornos digitales (cast./eng.)5

Branding corporativo (cast./eng.)

Cultura corporativa (cast./eng.)5



Dirección de comunicación (cast./eng.)

Estrategias de comunicación (cast./eng.)5
Planificación de medios (cast./eng.)5
Trabajo de fin de máster (cast./eng.)15


2023-24 Academic Year 

2024-25 Academic Year


Spanish Edition

2023-24 Academic Year


English edition

2023-24 Academic Year

Methodology details

The experiential learning process at Euncet Business School-UPC combines a set of methodologies that allow the participant to achieve in a practical and innovative way the competencies of the professional profile established in the Master's Degree to the digital context.

  • Theoretical-practical sessions: They are carried out in the physical classroom and are transmitted in streaming, registering a copy of them so that the student can consult them as many times as they may need. The teacher dedicates a part of them to expounding upon the course's contents and another to solving exercises, analysis of practical cases and project development.
  • Scheduling of training activities: The student has the weekly schedule of the training activities that the teacher plans and provides in the course's teaching plan. In this way, you can manage the personal time available in the most appropriate way and according to your learning style, to successfully achieve the learning objectives set.
  • Online tutoring:  Sessions dedicated to resolving doubts about theoretical concepts and practical activities. They will be scheduled online.
  • Project learning: Carrying out group work to develop and present tasks and projects, providing solutions for situations or challenges. 
  • Practical cases: Resolution of assumptions of business problems to experience the practical application of the theoretical contents of the different courses. 
  • Participatory classes: The class sessions are carried out through constant interaction between the student and teaching staff who give the classes in order to contrast the concepts covered through analysis and open debate with the support of real practical cases and simulations. 
  • Masterclass: Taught by renowned company directors and experts in the most advanced international business management and development techniques who are specialists in Strategic Communication
  • Visits to companies: Learn about the operations and organizational management of key sectors of the Catalan economy through visits to local and multinational companies.

Requirements and admissionin University Master's Degree In Marketing Management

Here you will find all the information related to the admission requirements for the Master's Degree in Marketing Management.

To apply for the Euncet Business School master's degrees, students must have a university degree and present a letter of motivation that they will send together with a photocopy of their passport or DNI, Curriculum Vitae and Transcript of qualifications.

Our academic committee, chaired by the director of the master's degree, will evaluate the profile and decide on the application.

In Admissions, the information regarding the requirements to access the Master's Degree in Marketing Management is expanded upon.

MFP Regulations in University Master's Degree In Marketing Management

To obtain the degree of Master's Degree in Marketing Management specializing in Strategic Communication from the UPC, students must complete a Master's Final Project (MFP).

The MFP is a 15 ECTS course and consists of:

  • Marketing Plan Development: company description and status, analysis of internal and external determinants, marketing objectives and strategies, action plans and financial projections.
  • Creation of a communications plan: Prepare a Communication Plan that captures the mastery of communication organization and planning techniques and of the so-called communication actions in particular.
  • Preparation of a research project related to one of the areas of specialization of the master's degree.

The project, which can be done in teams of up to three students, will be supervised by a PhD lecturer who will guide them. According to MFP regulations, its evaluation will be carried out individually.

For more information:

MFP Regulations in University Master's Degree In Marketing Management


Director Euncet
Master’s Degree Director
Master's Academic Coordinator
Master's Academic Manager



  • Marketing Manager
  • Communication Manager
  • Brand Manager
  • E-commerce Manager
  • Social Media Manager
  • Digital Manager
  • Product Manager

Why study a University Master's Degree In Marketing Management at Euncet?

Comprehensive and holistic view of marketing
The first quarter provides a comprehensive view of advanced marketing management in organizations, from an analytical, strategic and operational perspective.
Strategic communication management
The second quarter presents the keys to marketing communication, from an integrating perspective of tools, messages and audiences.
Holistic view of digital business
Throughout the Master's Program, students have the opportunity to apply their knowledge in entrepreneurial projects or in real digital businesses, managing and leading a brand in the digital context.
Prestigious lecturers
Teachers with recognized academic and professional careers, linked to the business world.
Euncet Expertise
40 years training professionals and managers in management, innovation and new technologies.
Access to the doctorate
Academic program with a mixed profile, oriented towards both application in professional practice and training for research.