Postgraduate in Innovation and Entrepreneurship

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  • Starting date

    November 2023

  • Duration

    4 months

The Postgraduate Degree in Innovation and Entrepreneurship provides students with knowledge and skills that allow them to adapt to changes in the environment through the most innovative and efficient methodologies practised by large leading companies in the market that have achieved success through the development and constant application of innovation processes.

The main objective of the postgraduate degree is to train managers capable of planning, implementing and evaluating innovative projects that reach the proposed goal, optimizing processes and minimizing costs efficiently, generating great value for the organization.


Postgraduate in Innovation and Entrepreneurship from the Polytechnic University of Catalonia (UPC)

Post-graduate in Innovation and Entrepreneurship from Euncet Business School



Postgraduate in Innovation and Entrepreneurship from the Polytechnic University of Catalonia

Starting Date:

November 2023




25 (120 hours)




5.200 €


The Postgraduate in Innovation and Entrepreneurship is aimed at:

  • Entrepreneurs, managers, CEOs, department heads with professional experience and interested in managing multidimensional innovation to transform business.

  • Managers of functional areas with experience who wish to expand and complement their knowledge of new disruptive methodologies and innovation.

  • Experienced professionals who occupy intermediate positions in the different areas of the company and who want to improve professionally through the acquisition of the necessary knowledge and skills in digital transformation and entrepreneurship, in addition to obtaining a broad business culture in a current, changing and competitive environment.

  • Entrepreneurs who want to have a solid vision of how to innovate in established industries and businesses.



The Euncet Business School Postgraduate Diploma in Innovation and Entrepreneurship lets you acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to lead and participate in innovative projects. With the program you will obtain a solid vision of how innovation can help transform your business and you will be able to carry out your own projects. Whatever your area of origin (marketing, finance, strategy, operations, human resources) you will find the necessary tools to become the driver of change in your company, efficiently managing and transforming the organization's processes.

Boost your professional career as Innovation Director and Manager. Train in one of the areas with the most technological impulse.




Engineering 35%
ADE 24%
Chemistry 18%
Industrial Design 6%
Physical activity 6%
Others 12%

Company position

Product Manager 12%
Project Manager 18%
Area director 41%
Manager 18%
I+D 12%

Median age

38 years

Students satisfaction

8 / 10


Why study the Postgraduate in Innovation and Entrepreneurship at Euncet?

  • Strategy
    Plan and execute an innovative business strategy that adds value to customers and the organization.
  • Efficiency
    Defines efficient new product development processes in a constantly changing environment.

  • Leadership
    Directs multifunctional teams for the development of innovative projects.

  • Projects
    Assesses and implements innovative projects with a high technological and economic impact for the company.

  • Prestigious Instructors
    Teachers with recognized academic and professional careers, linked to the business world.

  • Euncet Expertise
    40 years training professionals and managers in management, innovation and new technologies.




The Postgraduate in Innovation and Entrepreneurship is a modular training program that prepares its participants to delve into the keys to innovation and entrepreneurship from an update of this concept, bringing training closer to today's competitive reality, a reality strongly influenced by the rise of exponential technologies.

From a strategic, technological approach, related to the leadership and management of ubiquitous teams, complex process maps and the permanent need to adapt to change, the postgraduate course offers a holistic vision of innovation combining four interrelated fields: innovation, strategy, entrepreneurship and technology.

Conventional programs comprehend innovation from a functional perspective, related to product or process. At Euncet, we give a multidimensional approach that allows the participant to broaden their vision. Doing this program is like doing several programs in one. Its contents are updated based on the latest trends and are taught by leading professionals in the industry who know the subject from an applied point of view. The teaching team is made up of specialists in design thinking, growth hacking, technology analysis and agile project management.

Discover the Postgraduate in Innovation and Entrepreneurship and lead innovative projects in the most efficient way.


Study plan

Competitive Disruption and Innovation

  • To improve skills for the statistical analysis of competitive environments, outlining their key components from the consumer’s point of view and the factors that make them competitive.
  • To identify the weaknesses of a company’s business model when it is confronted with processes
    of change. 
  • To learn how to reformulate the overarching business strategy of a company from the perspective of adapting to change.
  • To understand the internal cogs of an organisation, in order to shape innovation as an organisational response to processes of change.
  • To recognise the impact of technology in the different business areas of a company.


  • Change in competitive environments.
  • Strategic innovation process: from the perspective of the company.
  • Strategic innovation process: from the perspective of the market.
  • Digital model: impact on traditional markets.

Teaching guide

Intrapreneurship and Design Thinking

  • To understand and analyse the why behind the importance of innovation within an organisation and in the context of current accelerated change.
  • To dig deeper into the development of intrapreneurship programmes.
  • To understand the collaborative and creative methodologies related to innovation, such as Design Thinking.


  • Innovation methodologies: Design Thinking.
  • Intrapreneurship.
  • Analysing disruptive innovation.

Teaching guide

Technology Management and Innovation

  • To identify the business needs of an organisation and how to select a technology strategy to satisfy those needs.
  • To understand the process and contents of IS and IT strategy planning and to have methodical approach for putting it into practice in a company. 
  • To understand the evolution and transformation of the role of IT in a company, the factors that have contributed to this role and the forms that it takes on, both in terms of the business and in terms of its relationship to providers and partners.
  • To understand the design and management of technological architecture and infrastructure from a strategic perspective.
  • To understand the concept of innovation and the business models that are based on applying ICTs. 
  • Understand the concept of innovation and business models based on the application of ICT.
  • To develop business case studies that evaluate and justify investments in technology.
  • To develop leadership skills.
  • To motivate and manage teams.
  • To recognises technology trends that can maximise the competitive strategy of an organisation.
  • To communicate effectively with business leaders on the topic of technology.


  • Strategic decisions in information systems and technology.
  • Information technology (both classic and disruptive) and company strategy.
  • Strategic planning of information systems and technology.
  • Digital transformation in a company.
  •  Innovation and new business models based on ICTs.

Teaching guide

Lean & Agile Project Management

  • The ability to select and implement the appropriate method according to the specific environment of the project or activity.
  • Monitoring and facilitating an agile, lean, predictive or hybrid project.
  • Learning techniques for managing change and facilitating agile cultural transformation in complex environments.
  • To have a general overview with different focal points for managing projects in a way that is specific to different sectors and industries


  • Understanding agile philosophy and culture.
  • Implementing and monitoring a Scrum project.
  • Making decisions in complex environments.
  • Implementing and monitoring a Kanban system

Teaching guide

Product Management & Growth Hacking

  • To clearly understand the roles of the Product Manager and the Growth team in a start-up,
    and to know what the goals and responsibilities of each are. 
  • To gain the skills and abilities needed in order to carry out the above cross-sectional and specialised roles.
  • To know the key management techniques for a technology-based product.
  • To create a growth model.


  • Product Management.
  • Creating a Growth model.

Teaching guide

Calendars and schedules


2021-22 Academic year / Barcelona Campus

Academic calendar - First Quarter (October)


2021-22 Academic year / Barcelona Campus

Schedule - First Quarter (October)



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 Executive modular education

We have implemented the modular training model in order to offer you the option of studying postgraduate and master's degrees tailored to your needs, thus developing the specific job skills of your interest progressively according to the objectives set and the results obtained in your educational process.

How to obtain an EXECUTIVE master's degree?

Once you have completed your Postgraduate in Innovation & Entrepreneurship, you will be able to continue your professional training and complete one of the following master's degrees:

Executive MBA - Master in Business Administration

Postgraduate in Innovation and Entrepreneurship



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Postgraduate in Innovation and Entrepreneurship