Postgraduate in Leadership and Management Skills

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    Fri 4pm - 8pm @ Sat 9.30am to 1.30pm

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  • Starting date

    20/10/2023 @ 10/11/2023

  • Duration

    4 months

The 21st century is characterized by a society in which constant change is the common denominator. These mutations inevitably affect the business world and the companies that make it up: new business paradigms that require leaders who have certain management skills and abilities that make them adaptable to this new environment.

Our Postgraduate Program in Leadership and Management Skills has been built with the aim of providing you with the necessary leadership skills for your professional career as a manager, holistically integrating a series of skills, competencies, knowledge and attitudes. As a result of everything learned in our management skills program, you will be able to make the right decisions in any type of situation and you will be able to take risks and motivate and inspire any team.

In addition, the Postgraduate course will provide you with the precise techniques that will help you build your own framework of action, taking both your values and your own leadership style as a reference. In this way, you will attend to the business reality, which will allow you the outstanding professional or excellence in the management of teams for which you will be responsible.

Our training program is designed to deal with any type of change that may affect a company, both in the current era of digitization and in the new paradigms and social trends that will emerge in the coming decades.

These changes will affect the business world creating new business paradigms, requiring new leaders who have the necessary skills and abilities to face and lead any company, adapting them to this new world.

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Postgraduate in Leadership and Management Skills from Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC)

Postgraduate in Leadership and Management Skills from Euncet Business School.



Postgraduate in Leadership and Management Skills from Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya

Starting Date:

Terrassa: October 20, 2023

Barcelona, November, 10, 2023




30 (120 hours)




5.200 €




The Postgraduate in Leadership and Management Skills is aimed at:

  • Executives and active professionals who assume or will assume in the future managerial functions in any type of organization and who wish to strengthen their personal managerial skills, as well as those people who make up their teams, are committed to optimizing the results of their company.



Engineering 45%
ADE 26%
Finance and Economics 8%
Law 5%
Others 16%

Company position

Management 46%
Administration 16%
Engineering 11%
Commercial & Marketing 11%
Projects 8%
Finance 5%
Law 3%

Median age

36,7 years old

Student satisfaction

9,43 / 10



The Postgraduate in Leadership and Management Skills at Euncet Business School prepares leaders with the necessary skills and tools, offering leadership skills and abilities so that they can fulfil their managerial role in today's business environment.

This training program provides a broad, systemic and global vision of management skills, as well as team management, conflict resolution, leadership types and negotiation habits. A vision, in short, that leads the participant to be able to create the necessary strategic behaviour to make the right decisions, take risks and be excellent in their roles.

The postgraduate course is a management skills course with a common goal: to motivate and inspire each participant to increase their management skills, emotional and social intelligence for proper team management.

Boost your professional career and become the leader that companies demand. 

Why study the Postgraduate in Leadership and Management Skills at Euncet?

  • Efficiency
    Train efficient managers, capable of proactively facing diverse business scenarios.
  • Talent management
    Provide the student with new approaches to the development and management of human talent in organizations, based on the search for personal and interpersonal excellence.

  • Development
    Motivate the development of a comprehensive managerial competence aligned with skills, knowledge and attitudes consistent with the environment in which the professional is involved.

  • Leadership
    Generate spaces for consideration and weighting regarding the leadership of the new business paradigms and those that they impact.

  • Prestigious Instructors
    Teachers with recognized academic and professional careers, linked to the business world.

  • Euncet Expertise
    40 years training professionals and managers in management, innovation and new technologies.


The Postgraduate in Leadership and Management Skills is an executive training program that prepares its participants to develop managerial functions and make appropriate and efficient decisions providing knowledge and useful and groundbreaking tools regarding team management.

In this business school training program, Euncet Business School intends for all professionals to put into practice what they have learned immediately, in terms of team management and leadership, to extract the maximum potential of their participants.

With the program, you will understand that being a manager is not merely having certain technical knowledge regarding the different company areas. Although this is necessary, it must be understood that being a manager is a "trade in itself" and its development requires the mastery of certain management skills (decision making, conflict resolution, taking risks, negotiation and management), but it also requires emotional skills (emotional intelligence, social intelligence and leadership style) which are essential to be able to motivate and inspire and extract maximum performance, both from oneself and from your work team.

Study plan

Development of high performance teams

  • Acquire the ability to lead teams in uncertain environments.
  • Understand the keys to maximizing the performance of high-performance equipment performance.
  • Know and correct the dysfunctions of our equipment, identifying the dimensions key to high-performance teams.
  • Determine the key methodologies and tools for managing the EAR.
  • Understand the facets of one's role in which one spends the most time and the repercussions that this has on the development of the business area itself.
  • Get a panoramic view of the different leadership styles and when they should be used apply to be more effective.
  • Know the dimensions of the development of others from team leadership.
  • Identify the opportunity to develop the command role as a developer role of people (leader-coach).
  • Deepen your knowledge of the basic methodologies of executive coaching and team coaching.
  • Know the relevant aspects that determine interpersonal communication.
  • Learn to enhance strengths in terms of efficient communication.
  • Understand the bases of systemic.


  • Leadership and influence.
  • Equipment and systems.
  • Collaborator development.

Teaching guide

Strategic management, innovation and people

  • Know the types of structures and cultures necessary for a competitive strategy.
  • Understand management skills as a key element for achieving objectives corporate.
  • Determine the key elements for business success  today.
  • Contextualize leadership in 5.0 organizations.
  • Understand innovation, technology and people as a key 


  • Strategy and culture of change
  • Innovation, technology and people

Teaching guide

Leadership transformation

  • Lay the personal and professional foundations from which to develop managerial competence.
  • Learn to manage your own change, as a basis for managing change in collaborators.
  • Know the dimensions of personal change processes.
  • Build the foundations to deepen your knowledge of yourself from different perspectives. realities, the rational and the emotional.
  • Acquire the knowledge and techniques that allow self-management and the management of others.
  • Analyze the factors that intervene in conflicts, learn to alleviate their effects.
  • Master resilience in conflict management.
  • Learn to enhance your own personal-professional traits.
  • Promote personal empowerment strategies.
  • Explore a vision and action plan for management development.


  • Self-leadership and self-knowledge
  • Self-management and empowerment

Teaching guide

Posgraduate final project

  • Learn to synthesize and integrate the knowledge assimilated throughout the Postgraduate Degree.
  • Develop a real project by transversally applying the skills and knowledge related to leadership, communication, decision making, creativity and teamwork.
  • Demonstrate the ability to solve problems in new or changing environments, within multidisciplinary contexts related to the area of ​​management skills.
  • Creatively link the techniques and tools provided in the program in the organizational context.
  • Explore relevant research topics in the field of leadership and management skills, providing solutions and conclusions resulting from knowledge, reflection and analysis.


  • Apply a correct sequence in the development of a postgraduate final project from an academic perspective.
  • Develop a case study report based on the groups of questions provided.
  • Appropriately apply research techniques.
  • Set objectives correctly.
  • Manage information and data as key elements for decision making.
  • Apply critical thinking to the situation at hand.
  • Manage information appropriately and applicable to the final postgraduate project.

Teaching guide

Calendars and schedules


2023-24 Academic year | Terrassa Campus

Academic Calendar (October)

2023-24 Academic year | Barcelona Campus

Academic Calendar (October)



2023-24 Academic year | Terrassa Campus

Schedule Calendar (October)

2023-24 Academic year | Barcelona Campus 

Schedule Calendar (October)



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