Postgraduate in Operations Management

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    4 months


The Postgraduate Degree in Operations Management provides the key knowledge to achieve the best competitive advantages in today's companies. Our postgraduate course encompasses areas such as business management, transformation processes and process management, and with this program you will learn to manage value chains from suppliers to customers.

As director of operations, you will have to understand the operations of a company from any point of view, understanding the different production models, negotiations with suppliers, management of the operations area, cost efficiency and launches of the different products or services.

Therefore, at Euncet Business School we provide you with all the necessary knowledge to effectively maximize your training using the best techniques and the best management systems implemented directly by leading companies in different sectors.


Posgrado en Dirección de Operaciones

Postgraduate in Operations Management from the Polytechnic University of Catalonia (UPC)

Post-graduate in Operations Management from Euncet Business School.



Postgraduate in Operations Management from the Polytechnic University of Catalonia

Starting Date:





30 (120 hours)



Fee of Post-graduate in Operations Management:

5.200 €




The Postgraduate in Operations Management is aimed at:

  • Executives and active professionals who assume or must assume in the future leadership or management tasks and need to know, update or gain more knowledge regarding the operations management tools for the optimization of the company's results.



Engineering 50%
BMA 50%

Company position

Operations 58%
Direction 14%
Administration 14%
Purchasing 14%

Median age

33,7 years

Student satisfaction

8,16 / 10



The Postgraduate Degree in Operations Management from the Euncet Business School prepares professionals with the necessary skills and tools to manage processes in the area of operations, obtaining competitive advantages in the operations of a company 

With this program, participants will be able to improve the competitiveness of their company by optimizing its resources and delving into the management of the value chain. They will develop business management and administration functions, focusing on the figure of the director of operations and their business management. They will know the different approaches, concepts, processes and management systems in this area and will lead planning and organization projects to achieve the objectives proposed by the company. They will understand from the operations point of view the process of transforming products or services and the importance of leading qualified teams.

Develop your professional career in one of the most important areas of the company and become one of the most valuable human resources for the organization.



Why study a Post-Graduate in Operations Management at Euncet?


  • Strategic vision
    Provide a holistic vision of the company's operations and understand key factors of competitiveness. Provide tools and techniques for the evaluation of key management indicators.
  • Innovation
    Analyze cases of managing the arrival of innovation on the market. Taking classes in leading technology centres and start-up incubators in Catalonia.

  • Manufacturing
    Know and develop different models and methodologies applied to improvement in all areas such as production, quality or purchases. Risk prevention and occupational safety.

  • Purchasing
    Organization and value of a purchasing area in a modern company. Negotiation concepts with Recorded Role Play for the evaluation of behaviours and techniques.

  • Prestigious professors
    Professors with a recognized academic and professional career, involved in the executive or managerial development of areas of operations in prestigious national and multinational companies.

  • Euncet Expertise
    40 years training professionals and managers in management, innovation and new technologies.




The Postgraduate Degree in Operations Management is an executive program prepare professionals and operations managers both in the general field and in the area of supply chain operations and management, approaching from the department of production, quality, logistics, and purchases, to the R&D department.

The program focuses on process management and business management of operations, key aspects for improving the company's competitiveness. With this postgraduate course, you will analyse one of the most important and complex areas of an organization, you will define the competitive advantages that your products and/or services present against your competitors and you will acquire the tools to create synergies between departments, in order to achieve the objectives set forth by management.

You will implement a strategic plan that includes all the processes, concepts and approaches to improve your company's operations by combining technique, planning, human resources, tangible and intangible resources of the company to lead the transformation processes of products or services from the point of view of a company's operations.


Study plan

Integrated services Management

  • Provide students with a global perspective of the key elements in the direction and management of operations in the service environment.
  • Teach resource capacity management techniques and tools.
  • Identify possible information management solutions under the umbrella of Lean service
  • Understand what a project is and the dynamics that are acting with them.
  • Know what agile projects are and their management tools and methodologies.


  • Management of resources in services.
  • Lean Service and agile project management.

Teaching guide

Operation management

  • Provide students with a global perspective of operations from the operational side.
  • Ensure understanding of the cost structure.
  • Identify the factors of competitiveness and provide their own criteria for their selection.


  • Basic concepts.
  • Competitiveness of operations.

Teaching guide

Innovation and Portfolio Management

  • What is the digital transformation of companies, and how does this affect operations?
  • Understanding the maturity model of digital transformation in order to apply it to your industry
    or business.
  • The pillars of digital transformation.
  • What is Industry 4.0?
  • Getting to know Industry 4.0’s enabling technologies.
  • Identifying the main process where technologies 4.0 should be applied.
  • Understanding how Industry 4.0 will affect the company’s human resources.


  • Digital transformation in the company
  • The pillars of digital transformation
  • Economy 4.0
  • Industry 4.0’s enabling technologies

Teaching guide

Purchasing, Suppliers and Provisioning

  • To provide the student with a global vision of the role of the purchasing area and its possible potential for evolution in a company.
  • Link the alignment of purchases with the company's strategy to generate value and increase its sustainable competitiveness.
  • It publicises and teaches advanced purchasing management tools.
  • It publicises and teaches material classification methodologies and replenishment systems.


  • Purchasing transformation: Purchasing & Sourcing.
  • Purchasing strategy and business supply.

Teaching guide

Total Production Management

  • Offer students a global perspective of the key elements in production management and
  • Teach techniques and tools for capacity management in an industrial environment.
  • Acknowledge the added value of continuous improvement in the industrial area.
  • Become familiar with the latest technologies o industry 4.0
  • Dominate daily production planning by means of tools that allow the levelling of resources.


  • Production management.
  • Lean methodologies.
  • Industry 4.0: Technologies.
  • Agile Project Management.

Teaching guide

Calendars and schedules


2023-24 Academic year / Terrassa Campus

Academic Calendar  (October)


2023-24 Academic year / Terrassa Campus

Academic Calendar (October)



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