Collaboration with Companies: internship agreement

We want to continue strengthening our link with companies

At Euncet Business School we look for companies so that our students can apply the knowledge acquired in the training and boost their talent with professional opportunities that enhance their talent and allow them to set the course towards success in the labour market.

We believe in the development of our students and, therefore, within our job bank we offer collaborations with companies in the form of internship agreements and job offers in which they can fit in and exploit their full potential. The companies participating in this initiative can post their job offers and find professional profiles that fit their needs.

Internship agreement that we offer to companies

Our students are prepared to stand out in the professional world leading job positions in the world of sports, technology, marketing, digital communication, and corporate management. During our students' training, in addition to working on the fundamentals of each area in the study plan, they also enhance their skills and personal development in order to become the perfect candidates to meet the new needs of the markets.

At Euncet Business School we offer internship agreements so that as a company you can send us job offers with the curricular or extracurricular internship agreement model and/or as a job offer. Our maxim is to accompany both our students and companies throughout the selection process to facilitate the selection of candidates.

Our study centre has always been characterized by its strong link with the business fabric and by its commitment to the employability of our community.


Free job bank for students and Alumni

Internship students, with an educational cooperation agreement

Business day to establish a connection between students, companies and Alumni


Regulated training

Customized training, adjusted to the needs of companies

Masterclass for students, led by an expert from the company

Academic visits, where the student visits the company's facilities and its work methodology


Applied research, with the creation of knowledge with direct application to the problems of the business world

Master's Degree Final Project applied to the technological and organizational development of the company

Case studies in the classroom

Consulting, through proper diagnosis by a team of professionals


Collaboration in the Euncet Alumni Magazine, as a sponsoring company or through the publication of articles

Use of our facilities, in an unbeatable environment for concentration and work  

Being part of our Advisory Council to collaborate in applied innovation and development

Why choose Euncet students for internships in your company?

The job market, increasingly globalized and digitized, requires agile profiles that are capable of adapting to changing environments and that are accustomed to immediacy and flexibility.

In the academic activities that our students carry out throughout the courses, we emphasize the importance of the applicability of knowledge to jobs. For this reason, our educational methodology based on Learning By Doing provides them with that fundamental autonomy for the performance of any profession.

Choosing Euncet Business School students to sign an external internship agreement is the perfect opportunity for your company to take advantage of all the talent that we try to promote from the centre itself. In addition, it is the ideal opportunity for our students to have their first employment relationship and discover everything they can contribute to the future.

Another of the many benefits that having our Euncet talent can bring to your company is updating your team. Take advantage of the knowledge acquired during their training at the hands of active professionals and doctors in the subjects and make them grow professionally at the same time as your company does with their contribution.

It is also the perfect opportunity to detect new talent. Although our students have a specific internship duration, this contact with them can be used to assess whether, finally, they end up being a new addition to the staff of your company or project.

The companies that have trusted Euncet share their opinion

Throughout our history as a leading university centre in Vallès, we have collaborated with numerous leading companies in their sectors. Thanks to the links that have been created, our students have been able to develop their personal and professional growth at the forefront.

On many occasions, these internship agreements have ended up becoming job placements. The participating companies highlight the versatility of our students, as well as their preparation.

During the more than ten editions of the Euncet Empresa Conference, both students and participating companies have been able to have meetings in which to discover job offers and professional profiles related to their needs. At Euncet Business School we are committed to this type of event because we firmly believe in the talent and potential of our Euncet community. We believe that as an educational centre we can provide up-to-date and solid training that develops the abilities of our students to become the leaders of tomorrow.

What our students say