Euncet Business School inaugurates its new campus in the 22@ District of Barcelona

Around 300 people attended the Open Day of Campus Barcelona22@, which will host the business school's new bachelor’s degrees training offer

Euncet Business School takes another step in the history of its university training by inaugurating a new campus in the business heart of Barcelona. Around 300 people visited the Campus Barcelona 22@ facilities last Friday, April 26, in a special Open Day that brought together both future students and their families as well as a large part of the business school's PAS and PDI teams. It presented the new bachelor’s degrees training offer that will be taken next academic year 2024-2025 both in the new facilities and in Campus Terrassa.

This way, attendees were able to learn in depth about the Bachelor’s Degree in Business, Innovation and Technology, the Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing, Innovation and Technology and the Double Bachelor’s Degree that encompasses both university degrees in three sessions that took place at 5, 6 and 7 pm. The director of Admissions, Marketing and Communication of Euncet Business School, Mercè Arnero, led each of the presentations and invited the families present to resolve their doubts in a personalized way through interviews with the Admissions team of the university centre. At the end of the event, attendees were able to enjoy some appetizers and a live musical performance in the main lobby of the campus.

The occasion also had the participation and attendance of members of the management and ownership of Euncet Business School, such as its former director, Dolors Puig, and the president of the Board of Directors of the educational entity, Rafael Niubò, who dedicated a few words to the entire team before the event began. Niubò thanked all the PAS and PDI members for their work and recalled that the project was born from the idea of creating a reference technological campus in Barcelona. In addition, he valued the support of the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC), a centre to which the business school has been affiliated since 1996 and which has promoted its growth in recent years.

In that sense, the location could not be more appropriate. Located at number 145 Badajoz Street and just a few minutes walk from the emblematic Torre Glòries, the new campus (the second in Barcelona counting Campus Barcelona Can Dragó and the third of the business school) is located in the heart of the 22@ District. It is one of the most important technological innovation points in the country and serves as an incubator for hundreds of startups with investment potential, as well as headquarters for large international companies.