More than 200 students and 20 collaborating companies in the new edition of the Jornada Euncet Empresa

The new installment of the Euncet employability and entrepreneurship event has also featured several conferences led by former students of the university

The Jornada Euncet Empresa is once again a success in its 2023-2024 academic year edition. The Euncet Business School employability and entrepreneurship event, held on April 9 at the Campus Terrassa of the university center, has reached high levels of participation once again with the attendance of more than 200 students and the presence of 20 collaborating companies, most of which are part of the Euncet Network. Among these organisations are firms such as Identify Enjoy Culture, Cirsa, Occident, Enterprise Rent-A-Car, Eurofitness, Deporvillage, Global Performance Sport, AIESEC, Autelec, Metropolitan, IMAN, Lifting Group, The Pink Phink, Kern Pharma, Venair, JOBinplanet, Modula TV, GCTplus, GEP Group and LLYC

All of these companies have had their own stand in the Aula Magna of the university and have had direct contact with future professionals, who have been able to resolve all their doubts about the labour market and have expanded their network of contacts through job interviews with brand representatives.

Some of the most exciting moments of the day, however, took place in the three round tables featuring 13 Euncet alumni of the university and which were aimed at students from the different Euncet bachelor's degrees. In these, the speakers guided future professionals and responded to some of their concerns about their imminent exit into the labour market. “Not so long ago they were sitting there like you”, said Professor Pere Gómez in the first of these forums, titled “The future in your hands” and focused on students of the Bachelor's Degree in Business Management and Administration (ADE). 

The meeting was attended by alumni Xavier Bayle (CEO and Founder of Play Your Brand), Sergi Francolí (International Sales Manager at Marina Racewear), Judit Masdefiol (Brand Manager at Estrella Damm) and Sergi San Martín (Founder of Seven Sunsets), who shared issues such as the change in work dynamics in recent years or the application in the real world of the knowledge acquired at university. “Some of the things that you don't expect to be useful end up being the most useful,” said San Martín.

The colloquium of the students of the Bachelor's Degree in Marketing and Digital Communication, with the subtitle “Discovering new opportunities”, has also put on the table factors such as the new digital tools that are presented to us in the current digital scenario and, in particular, the emergence of artificial intelligence. “We must use it to our advantage and take advantage of the time we gain to generate value,” stated former student Neus Cuadrado, Marketing and Digital Communication Consultant at LLYC. The presentation, moderated by teacher Gemma Gómez, also included Pau Gamundi (Marketing Campaigns Consultant at Merkle EMEA), Gloria Romero (Lead of Solutions Engineering at Adsmurai) and Mariona Ruz (New Business & Account Manager at Odd Spaces).

The talk aimed at students of the Bachelor's Degree in Sport and Fitness Science and Technology (CTEF) had the participation of Roger Aribau (Web Assistant at NOX Sport), Oriol Castillo (Manager Trainer at Eurofitness), Judith Cejuela (Marketing Communication Specialist at EQUUS AREA), Lara Mayor (Trade Marketing Coordinator at NOX Sport) and Miriam Medrán (Manager and Advisor for Sport Entities at SAEE).

This meeting, facilitated by Professor Ray G. Butler and titled “Exploring new professional challenges”, revolved around the sports industry and addressed issues such as the importance of connecting with the world by establishing a network that begins at the university itself. In this regard, the Euncet teacher dedicated a few words to his students, encouraging them to take control of their professional careers: “Your life is your business plan, and you decide what you do with it. Each of you is a company that will compete with the others, and that is why it is important that you start doing your own projects as soon as possible, whatever they may be."